Twox's Tree House - Moxie Lemon OG - Viper Cookies - HSO Bubba's Gift


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Awesome, im Glad you enjoyed it.. be sure to check out my current Jounal ( Urkle and Bday cake ) I just harvested another Moxie Lemon OG of a different phenotype with harvest results coming soon.
Sounds awesome mate ill be sure to check it out. Im working on my first journal just now titled first grow t5 bulb veg 400w hps flower seedsman ww and advanced critical id really appreciate if youd check it out thanks


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Next up is Moxie Lemon OG. This plant grew strong and fast I lst'd the tops in a atempt to keep a level canopy. I think this plant will be my biggest yielder and it smells really sweet. All shots are about 2 weeks old except the last pic. I took that one a week ago






Just scrolling through some of your old grows and this lemon OG is off the hook. I have been growing their Lemon Cake Which is Lemon OG x Jesus OG. The first pheno I got kinda sucked but the second one smells like redvine licorice. It amazing. Anyways just thought I would mention that. Good shit man[emoji111] [emoji91]
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