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Typical cost of Cannabis across the world

That's like more than 2lb. OMG that's close to $3000 USD worth in the states if not more.
Mo' money, honey. You could get a bale at that rate, south of the border.
Surviving the transaction may be a problem, and importation certainly :smokin2:

I know someone who pays 1800/lb for press weed, but I've never sampled any of it.
I'm far from Mexico, but picky. Lucky me?
yikes! $1800lb for pressed! in s. texas it's $400lb, $750kilo, & $5,000 bale (10kilo=22lb). i think it sells, on the street for about $20/25 a quarter. it sells to working people who, for one reason or another, can't grow for themselves. it gives me a headache, so i grow.
1971 paw-paw, my time in the Corps was done. Bought a Triumph in San Diego and headed east. Amarillo, I stopped for gas but was told: "Hain't got no mulli mater ranches". Thanks anyway I said, and putted down the road to find some go juice. I knew even then: Don't mess with Texas!
u wouldn't need mulli mater ranches if u bought american
Aw hail no, I'd seen Easy Rider and couldn't afford a Hawg anyway. Two old boys in a pickup prolly seen it too, and got up behind my California plate. Twisted up to 90 before they fell back, think they wanted to rope me?

Got home to New England in time for the winter snow :) My brother loved that Trumpet, traded me his '66 Mustang for it. That fool can :rip: now, but he lives on with :love: in my heart.
Never even been in Michigan, Detroit didn't get scary just last week. Only place between the coasts that I might have stayed longer was Colorado, but that was years later. After Phoenix, living under a blowtorch where you can sweat yourself dry and never get wet.
i'm surprised that pickup didn't run over u, if u were doin' under 90. i think the minimum speed, back then, was 70. btw, a 450hp pickup is standard issue here. haha!!
They run me over, it'd a hurt. Had big-ass steer horns on the hood. Making sure nobody misstook them for queers? 40 years ago, 450 hp was only at the drag strip.
Then that bumpkin told me about real estate at the gas station when all I wanted was a fill-up for a dollar. Even the panhandle took a godawful time to cross. Today, crossing Texas is worth an upside down naked search by those baboon airport security goons and fly. Don't like Florida much, neither. Or Georgia
In fact I travel anymore, only on Google Earth. 15 years driving a big city taxi stamped PAID on my visa. I do like Texas blues music, but don't need to go to Austin to hear it.
That's like more than 2lb. OMG that's close to $3000 USD worth in the states if not more.
Yikes, in the islands... Even fairly mediocre quality buds sell at nearly ~$200/oz... I think I said what good stuff costs earlier, but it varies like ~$300-500/oz... But thats 3k/pound on the cheap end... :lot-o-toke:

Gonna smoke my expensive fucking ganja and cry myself to sleep... Telling myself its okay.

edit: my older brother told me a little after I got into cannabis that "You've never tried brick weed, and probably don't have a good scale for what mid's even are".. :thanks: I'll take that
Aloha, If you have no good connections the good stuff, hell it's all good grown here..lol. Goes for $20 a gram. Can you believe that s*#t. We can grow it all year and it is is medically legal and it still cost that much? What the Hell? Just don't get it. Got a growing friend and you can get a 1/4 for $70. I grow my own. I refuse to pay that kind of price. $20 a gram. Give me a break.
40 years ago, $30 was something like serious money. For it, I could get an ounce that was one fourth seeds. Now you pay $10 to 20/g for jamming shit with de-valued currency. Inflation, just like for cars. Cars are better now but cost ten times more. Same with weed.
You always needed to "know somebody", and now that person might likely be a grower. Be nice to a grower if you can't grow your own because you'll pay double to a middleman.
40 yrs ago that stuff gator's talking about (1/4 seeds) was going for $10 oz. here & was better than the pressed (mexican) u get now. don't get me wrong, it wasn't 1/10th as good as the commercial strains i grow now, but i hear what u're saying. back then, anybody could afford a bag of weed, but now it's a different story. many people are making less than half of what they're worth (what they produce on their jobs). if all the jobs came back home, people could make a living wage. sorry about the rant....no i'm not!
Well in washington nothing is over 10. If someones charging 12$ a gram walk up two blocks and get the same geat stuff for 10. Ounces go for 150$, as long as your medical. Dispensaries in cali charge upwards of 400 $ an ounce. Dispensaries/Collective Gardens here are dropping from 250 to 200$ an oz. Medical users can find the best medicine in the world on craigslist in Pierce County even for 150 to 175 $ an ounce. All the cali strains, OG's and Dreams and all that. East Coast Sours and Diesels, Afghan's, African Durban's, you name it Tacoma Wa has it all on very corner in a shop :). We are very spoiled. Arguably the best smoke comes out of the great NW but we definitely have the best prices for top shelf.

I get 175$ donations for this gsc strain. Its amazing and tested 21% thc. Silky smooth with a cream feeling when smoked. Taste like spice on inhake and a sweet almost chocolatey doughy taste that lingers on exhale. Has a OG kind of smell and taste at first then taste nothing like weed at all, more like a delicacy. 175 equals 6.75$ a gram. Beat that lol.


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I realize this is an older post (with amazing longevity!) but laughed so hard at the thought of "Accidentally purchasing 22 pounds..." from the first page, that I just had to bump it and share.

Was looking at this again and it reminded me of this video i saw.
In South Africa I accidentally purchased 22 pounds of the Chronic for 100 US Dollars. I thought it was going to be 2 ounces. I was leaving 6 days later so I smoked joints the size of beer cans then I bathed in it before I had to leave it all behind. -Larryeyesky(video uploader)
Herbal Bath in 22 pounds of marijuana