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Typical cost of Cannabis across the world


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thats like the pabst blue ribbon vs heinekin debate

both get you drunk

one just tastes lots better

just bought an oz of leaf for 30 $ its not pretty but it last days and days longer than 30$ of tasty or pretty stuff and it does work

my bitch is tolerance been smoking widow for months every day
and it seems weak to me lately.....

guess i have to diversify my grow to get by in these bad economic times....


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In Nor Cal (Sacramento to Oregon) budz are pretty cheap depending on who ya know. But an 8th is typically from 25-40. I used to get hooked up for 20 an 8th for nothin but Primo. I lived in San Diego for a while, and some dope tried screwin me over for $50 an 8th of shidd! yikes!


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i grow my own and it doesnt cost that much but i have to say i think weed is over priced too many middle men i come from a time when a dime bag meant a dime bag and 4 finger lids of red bud columbo was 25 dallors,and it will be interesting to see what weed will be under new laws which i cant wait for!and even if they dont i will never stop growing!


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in oregon we pay $10 a gram for high grade medical mj. for non patients. and $100 an oz for patients


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each grower prices their own medicine. most growers have approx the same prices as i wrote above, give or take.
when you get your medical card, you make the decision to either grow for yourself, or have a self chosen "care giver" who grows your medicine for you.
each care giv er can have up to 4 patients they grow for, and each patient is allowed 4 flowering plants at a time.


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Outside of Philadelphia - Way too high. (prices) An Oz of primo, which I have not been able to find lately, can go for 400-550. It has been like this for so long that people are starting to get used to it. I have seen prices such as 6 to 7 hundred in my area for certain strains.


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were pretty high here in the states with no tolerance...its about 20 bucks a gram if you want something other than dirt
Ya over on the east cost it goes for 10 a gram for mids or dro, 20 for anything good like haze an kush .. Atleast that's what I pay

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Typically 10 per gram in Ontario, Canada.. but ounces range anywhere from $160-$280 CDN depending on the grade and such.


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well guys i live in the states usually and im from colombia but right now
im in colombia visiting for like a year and ive been buying here
since i arrived but anyways
theres just weed here
punto rojo
or crippi
theres not really any strains that i can recognize
like form the sates i dont know the categorizations here
but i can buy usually about 2 pounds for about 20 dollars
so theres like 900 grams in 2 pounds for 20 dollars
u do the math i got tired lol:smokin::smokin:


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The prices really depend on who you get it from ultimately..
I don't really buy weed because I grow it year round but the prices I sell to my friends of good stuff are usually 10-15 a gram, 40 a eigth maybe 50-60, 300oz, 1800 1/2 pound, the bud is always anything good likehaze,Whitewidow,jackherra,M39,Blueberry kush, GDP and I have several purple urkle going right now they are looking very nice ... except one turned a funny color red during the flowering stages? Not really sure what that's about yet but I'm looking into it.
Anyone have any ideas? I'm dumbfounded.
:peace: :smokin:


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Around Southeast Texas Reggie runs about 25-30 for a half, 50-60 for the Oz.
Dro can range anywhere from 20-40 a gram depending on strain.

It all really depends on whether we've been hit by a hurricane or not.


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gotta love canada!!

around edmonton (alberta) we typically pay about $10 a gram of primo BC bud, which works out to about $8 american

happy 420 all!!


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Here in North Carolina prices have went up slightly recently, but the average is

1.5g - $5
28g - $60
QP - $200

1g - $15
7g - $70
28g - $250
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