Typical cost of Cannabis across the world

This July 8th will be the 7th anniversary of legal Cannabis dispensary’s opening in Washington State and though I have one 2 blocks from my home I have never been in one. I’ve also never gone a day without as much as I’ve wanted and haven’t bought any smoke in at least 15 years.
That being said it’s been close lately as I’m smoking 4 year old wrank flower that is past its prime from my last grow. I’m down to about 1 gallon and a quart left and impatiently waiting for my new grow to finish up. I can‘t wait to smell and taste the fresh cured bud again.
I’ve no idea what anything goes for anymore but I can show you what prices were reported in the Sept. 1980 issue High Times magazine.
Uk in the North West if buying directly off a dealer its around
1g £10
2g £20
3.5g £25-30
7g £50-60
14g £90-120
20g £170-240
But prices get higher the further south you go. I'm not too far from Manchester around 15-20 miles and the weed in Manchester is rank compared to my little town. I know a few guys there who pay £250 an oz for good weed (average to me) and I've never understood why such a difference in quality only 15 miles away
I remember Buying weed for $10.00 USD for an OZ. of good smoke everyday all day 24 & 7, then it went to $20.00 an OZ. (you should have heard everyone complain about the "Rip Off" ) Man that was a lot of Doobies ago !
I used to pay $10 for a four finger lid those were the days
Man in Virginia ive seen once’s go for $450-$500 of some half ass “medical/dispensary” that’s super dry and crumbles to dust. But for the most part it’s 200 a oz.
Option A - It costs me about $150 to grow a pound legally. That's $9.37 per oz.

Option B - Legal weed is $400 an oz. Street weed is $250 an oz.

And the companies selling weed at $400 an oz are still losing money somehow.
Wonder if @Marzbadrock is on 420 he runs a dispensary bet he can fill you in on why it cost so much .
I know it costs a lot of money to run a proper business. It's just surprising they can't make money selling $400 ounces.
Not gonna do much business trying to sell at that price. Some of the best stuff on the black market use to go for that back in the 80's and 90's. Whole different world now a days.
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