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Typical cost of Cannabis across the world


Plant of the Month: Feb 2022
This July 8th will be the 7th anniversary of legal Cannabis dispensary’s opening in Washington State and though I have one 2 blocks from my home I have never been in one. I’ve also never gone a day without as much as I’ve wanted and haven’t bought any smoke in at least 15 years.
That being said it’s been close lately as I’m smoking 4 year old wrank flower that is past its prime from my last grow. I’m down to about 1 gallon and a quart left and impatiently waiting for my new grow to finish up. I can‘t wait to smell and taste the fresh cured bud again.
Australia slang the way we say it here is deal 1.4 grams $25 a fifty 3.2 $50 quarter 7 grams $100 a half 14 grams $150 - $180 a bag 28 grams $250 -$340 a pound 16 bags $4000 hope that helps and understandable


Plant of the Month: Feb 2022
I’ve no idea what anything goes for anymore but I can show you what prices were reported in the Sept. 1980 issue High Times magazine.


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Uk in the North West if buying directly off a dealer its around
1g £10
2g £20
3.5g £25-30
7g £50-60
14g £90-120
20g £170-240
But prices get higher the further south you go. I'm not too far from Manchester around 15-20 miles and the weed in Manchester is rank compared to my little town. I know a few guys there who pay £250 an oz for good weed (average to me) and I've never understood why such a difference in quality only 15 miles away
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