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Typical cost of Cannabis across the world

Dain Bramage

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wel we have all types of prices around me in n.y.c 100$/o.z. for good seeded regs 75$/3.5 grams for the best sour haze (grown from reservoir genitcs) 450$/o.z. will get you some top of the line white russian (serrious seeds) 400/o.z for white widow(green house seeds),blue berry(d.j. short),ak-47(also serrious seeds simon their is the best thay may not have some new intros each year but he is always tweaking his genetics)300/o.z for some very green canadin bud that looks good and gets you nice but was not given the proper flushing time like a lot of the b.c. beaster bud that comes our way but my head weed is a lemon haze (green house seeds)x trainreck(barrnys cafe) x braziln(rio 2005 vaction like old columbin)two week veg,12 week flowering and well "thats price less"


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here in the carolinas we pay 5 a gram bout 25 a quarter for regs.....40 a quarter for mids...and kind,well depends on whos selling it....


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the dispensaries I go into in Denver all have different prices but the general range of prices is 30-70 USD for an 1/8oz and some of the higher end stuff is the stoniest herb ive ever smoked/seen anywhere and ive travelled around.


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Where I live (East, TN) it usually costs $40 for a quarter of an ounce. It's been completely dry for the last week, so the few people who have it are charging $50 or more for a quarter..the bastards.


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around Southern PA an 1/8th is about 20-25 bucks for mids, and anywhere from 125-175 for an Oz. good stuff isnt too much more its just alot harder to find around here. ha


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I broke my growth plates when i was a sophmore in highschool and went to a doctor a year afterwards and got a q for $25 for some dank med marijuana, but now im in florida and i only do it legally ;)


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where i live you can get GOOD weed for about $20-30 a g.
mids sell anywhere from $5 to $10 a g.

but i'm close with a lot of the people i buy from.
so i get the good stuff for a lot cheaper than $30.


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i get an eight of kind for $55 or a half of some kind for $175-$190.
some good dank buds, but not kind, are $140 a half and $270 a whole


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here in philly its about 100 for an ounce, 50 for half ounce, and between 1000 and 2200 for a pound...it all depends on the dankness....


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in Australia not sure about the per gram price but an ounce of hydro is $250 and is almost always a mystery bag. no one in my area really grows certin strains except one bloke that has purple urkle and is worth up to $300 an ounce. hash is not very common and is worth $20-25 a gram


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The prices really depend on who you get it from ultimately..
I don't really buy weed because I grow it year round but the prices I sell to my friends of good stuff are usually 10-15 a gram, 40 a eigth maybe 50-60, 300oz, 1800 1/2 pound, the bud is always anything good likehaze,Whitewidow,jackherra,M39,Blueberry kush, GDP and I have several purple urkle going right now they are looking very nice ... except one turned a funny color red during the flowering stages? Not really sure what that's about yet but I'm looking into it.
Anyone have any ideas? I'm dumbfounded.
:peace: :smokin:
had same thing with purple urkle. think it may have been really cold temp when lights were out as night time heater wasnt working. could this have caused your colour change?
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