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Tyson's 4x4 ScrOG Feat: Mimosa In DWC 2019


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6/17/19 1:00 am Start of day 24
temp 78 rh 72% ec 1.4 ph 5.8

Hey guys. Well I messed up. Late on day 21, I cleaned out the humidifiers and filled them halfway with a strong cleaning vinegar solution. Left them to soak and went out to grab dinner. I had too much on my mind and wasnt thinking when I got home. I took the humidifer tanks and put them in the tent without cleaning out the acid. I went right to bed and woke up 6 hrs later with the leaves showing signs of stress. I realized what I did and throughly cleaned both humidifiers and replaced with clean water. The leaves continued to deteriorate for 24 hrs but have recently shown signs of coming back. I also increased my calmag to 2.5ml/gal which brings my ro to about 240ppm (0.3ec).
It's a real bummer about the set back but it's my own fault. I think it was caused by this and I'll show you the pics I have as reasoning.

This when I put the humidifers with vinegar in the tent (day 22 1am)


6 hours later ( day 22 7am)


18 hrs later (day 23 1am)


6 hrs later (day 23 7am)


13 hours later (day 23 8pm)


The improvement in the last 2 pics is a good sign and hopefully I just cost myself a week or so. I believe this is what caused it due to how rapidly it occurred and coincidentally right after I added back the humidifiers.

Also about 18 hrs ago I turned off my air pump while working in the res. I forgot to turn it back on for those 18 hrs. Kicking myself in the ass for being so careless. Didnt cause anything major in such a short time but what made me realize was I noticed an increase in the smell of my reservoir. One of the things I check daily is the smell just incase. It was very very faint but still. To show you how distracted I've been, it wasnt the lack of bubbles that made me notice, it was the smell, like c'mon boy, pay attention! No slime and my roots are nice and white but I'm glad I noticed. Hopefully my next update will contain some better news.

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Hey guys. Well I messed up.
The leaves continued to deteriorate for 24 hrs but have recently shown signs of coming back.
Ahh no ways i'm so sorry to hear bro! Shit happens. I can easily see that happening to me!
You'll be all good don't sweat it - they are young and bounce back quickly at this age. You won't know it happened in a week from now! :yummy: This won't effect her in the long run, and i don't believe it will stunt growth.


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Ok guys, quick update from the plant ER. Dont have much to comment as I think I'm on the right track. You can see how the acid just destroyed the chlorophyll or cells or something. You can also tell by the pictures that it seems that the areas affected have already shown themselves and dont seem to be continuing. The parts closest to the petioles seem least affected. I'll attach leaf closeups to show you the damage. I havent found any information on acid rain or a situation like this where the plant was essentially soaked in 72% rh acetic acid. So maybe it can help someone down the road.
I normally dont cut off parts of leaves that are experiencing deficiencies or nute burn because it disrupts transpiration and cuts off access to any remaining nutes that the plant was pulling from the leaf, but in this case, I trimmed the leaves that were 100% lost and manicured the damage on the leaves that were fighting back. The acid burned parts were not coming back and the curling and dead weight was affecting photosynthesis moreso, hence why I trimmed. Hopefully this helps her focus energy to where it needs to be.

The last photo in my previous update was from day 23 8pm

This is day 24 2am


day 24 6:30pm


day 24 7:30pm after trim


leaf damage beginning stage


leaf damage middle stage


damage late stage (taken 16 hrs apart)


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Hey Ty! They don't seem to be getting worse which is a good thing - keep your eye on the new growth as long as that stays healthy you are moving in the right direction! :ganjamon::meatballs:


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They don't seem to be getting worse which is a good thing
I agree irie, shes starting to come out of it pretty strong. I can see the newer leaves growing outward pretty fast.

Quite the set up you have going here buddy, much more technical
Thanks jimbobdaz! I'm liking dwc so far, With the hiccup, its kinda hard to tell how quickly shes growing compared to my past grows but shes also a little different than any cannabis plant I've had before, but aren't they all? With my setup, I'm able to leave her alone for 2 weeks, in theory, tho I havent left her alone for 12 hrs haha. It's weird because its automated but if any part of your system fails and you dont notice, you're screwed.


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6/20/19 1:00 am Start of day 27
temp 78 rh 72% ec 1.4 ph 5.8

Seems to be back to her old self, putting on some nice leaf mass. Lots of secondary roots are coming out of the pot. I changed out the res but kept the nutes about the same, so per gallon, 1ml armor si, 2.5ml calmag, 3.75ml micro, 5ml grow, 1.25ml bloom, 2ml hydroguard. I also cleaned out the inline filter and took a pic to show the buildup.

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She bounced back really well!


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6/22/19 1:00 am Start of week 5, day 29
temp 78 rh 72% ec 1.4 ph 5.8

Nothing much, back to her stride. I cleaned her up underneath, took out the lowest node's growth as it was most affected. Everything looks good.


These 2 pics are 48 hrs apart:

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All caught up and loving your system Tyson
Thank you! Single plant setups dont look as cool for a while but once I put in the net, she goes nuts. I wish I could press fast forward, but I try to remember to slow down and enjoy and learn as much as possible.


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6/22/19 1:00 am Day 31
temp 80 rh 72% ec 1.4 ph 5.8 co2 1150

I have added my co2 system, set at 1150ppm. You can see Audrey Hepburn watches over my grow, teaching my girls how to sparkle lol. I tried using a timer for my co2 years ago but I just felt it was very difficult to get it precise and I was wasting co2. The Titan Atlas 9 controller is awesome because it has fuzzy logic onboard which saves me a ton of co2. I tried running it in "ppm up" mode, which works like a standard controller in that once your co2 falls below a certain level it kicks on. The issue is that the co2 levels rise even after the co2 shuts off, so you constantly yo-yo around your target. With fuzzy logic, the computer records the max and min and adjusts your co2 duration according. What it does is push the co2 out in 1 second spurts, normally 3-4 back to back depending on your deadband. This allows you to keep a much stricter range. I set it at 1150 with a deadband of 50 and it kicks on at 1100 and normally maxes around 1200. That's a pretty tight range. Note the fuzzy logic is only for tanks, co2 generators cannot short-cycle. The co2 levels are high in the picture because I was working in/around the tent for 30 min.
I'm getting close to topping. Shes 5.5" now and I want the cut to be at 6-8". Normally I top to the 4th node and remove the 1st node, leaving 6 shoots. This time, I'm basing it on height because I want the main stem to be a bit more of a strong base and provide a couple extra shoots. The lower shoots should have no problem reaching the scrog. My scrog is going to be set at 10" from the net pot but we're still weeks away from that.

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What is up 420 community!
Man, I am so excited to be here. First of all let me tell you a little about myself. I have been into the growing hobby for 8 years now, but on and off. I started in soil and quickly switched to coco where i had a blast. I was always leery of trying full hydro but now that I have a much more comprehensive understanding of the plant, I think I am ready to take the plunge. I have spent those 8 years lurking on the forums and reading as much as I possibly can, and have finally decided to become an active member. I really appreciate the community here and would like to see what kinds of comments/questions/ideas you guys can come up with to enhance all of our abilities even more! This is currently my only hobby (my wife calls it my mistress) and as such I am able to devote a substantial amount of time to it. So barring any unforeseen circumstances, I should be posting and responding daily at the least.
I like to keep a large record of all measurables, and will include as much information as possible with every update, as well as info on what type of equipment I'm using. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have. The only caveat is that I am 100% new to forums of any kind, so while I'm not a technology dummy, bear with me while I figure out all the ins and outs of posting photos, links, etc. With that being said lets get to the growing!

I will be starting with 8 Mimosa seeds from Symbiotic Genetics. It is a F2 hybrid cross of Clementine and Purple Punch. I have the seeds of both parents and actually back-crossed Mimosa with Clementine for the last grow. Slightly more pungent smell but noticed less yield so we will be going with straight Mimosa this time. I'm in a 4x4 tent, with a 600w HID in an air-cooled hood. I run a sealed room (as much as possible in a tent) with co2 enrichment. The only downside to this approach is that it is wasteful but in order to create the conditions I want, I am willing to tolerate certain excesses.
This will be my first crack at dwc. The funny thing is that it always seemed intimidating. But after gaining some experience, if anything it seems easier. I know I might eat those words, but that's why I've got you guys here, right?

Strain - Mimosa starting with 8 seeds and ending with 1 large monsta!
Space - 4x4x7 tent
Light - 600w MH/HPS
Air - 6" canfan for sealed hood. 2 pole-mounted fans for circulation
Co2 - 20lb tank w/ regulator connected to atlas 9 controller
Style - Scrog DWC in an 18g tote w/ 1/10hp chiller. 2, 6" cylindrical air stones with 7.8 lpm air pump. 250gph water pump used for the chiller and circulation.
Temps/Humidity - SensorPush therm/hydrometer, 3 inkbird controllers (1 for temp, 2 for humidity night/day) I use a small ultrasonic coolmist humidifier and a 6" ductfan to control humidity. Humidifier raises it during lights on, ductfan extracts humid air at lights out. This allows me to run 2 different ranges without expensive equipment or constantly adjusting.
Nutrients - Gen Hydro FloraTrio supplemented with Calmagic and Hydroguard. I will be using ro water for the grow as my tap reads 450ppm.
pH/EC - Bluelab guardian monitor - i was tired of testing and watering every day - hence the large tote and bluelab upgrade for this grow.
Sexing - I am using normal seeds and will be outsourcing sexing to save time and resources. I am using Phylos 4 site test for the first time, having used SteepHill last grow. While the results were top notch, the process was not and as such I have decided to switch for the time being. Growing from fem this would not be a problem, and I have no issues with fem seeds, just not using them this grow. I also have saved vigorous males in the past to procure pollen (that's how i back-crossed last grow) but I will not be doing that this grow.

8 seeds placed in shot glass full of room temp ro water. I submerged 1.5"x1.5" rockwool cubes in 5.5 pH adjusted ro and rinsed my hydroton using tap water to clear all the dust and small particles. I used two 5g buckets, one with 1/4" holes drilled throughout the bottom as a 5g strainer for cleaning then placed it inside the other and soaked the hydroton in more 5.5 pH ro water.

All 8 seeds had sunk. I took the rockwool cubes and shook them 3x to remove excess water and allow oxygen pockets to form. I drained the hydroton and placed it in the bottom of a germination tray with the rockwool on top and placed a humidity dome on. I find this helps to keep a high humidity without having to spray constantly. It also allows any fast growers you have to root below the cube without hitting sunlight. This enables me to wait until all are ready for transplant into the net cups. I placed a therm/hygrometer combo in with them and its been steady at 77 degrees and 92-95% humidity.

6 of the babies are up through the surface of the rockwool! While she can be finicky sometimes in flowering, Mimosa always starts strong and fast. Temp and humidity remain constant and I am removing the dome from darkness. I also recommend getting a therm/hygrometer that records daily highs and lows so you know your swings.

Man Tyson sound like your dialed in , boy I've got a long way to go..here's a pic of what i have going


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Man Tyson sound like your dialed in , boy I've got a long way to go..here's a pic of what i have going
Years of practice lol. There's still plenty to be learned though. And your plants look fantastic, you dont have that far to go .

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Isn't dwc great in soil I'd be on edge for a week waiting for an answers on my plants health, all that work and only time will tell. I had an instance a while back where i had pythium and cleaned and trimed and save a grow kept the water cold and changed, also watermax helped. The change in the plants attitude was overnight, went from sad yellowing leaves and quickly falling ph to slightly rising ph and new groth and then in a day explosive growth.It looks like you got this problem beaten! Looks great!
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