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U.S. Gard Hawkins Tests Positive For Cannabis

Lord Mong

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American point guard David Hawkins, who plays for Virtus Lottomatica Roma, has tested positive for cannabis.
Traces of the drug were found in Hawkins' test after an Italian championship playoff match against Montepaschi Siena on June 5, the Italian Olympic Committee said Monday.

He was suspended immediately by the Italian Basketball Federation.

Roma said in a statement that it would take "appropriate action" in the next few days.

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Umm, do nothing because it is not a performance enhancing drug?


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Heh, they should give him ANOTHER medal for winning the championship high...


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I'm surprised by this from an international basketball organization.

The NBA is the only major US sport whose substance tests don't include marijuana because well, they know they'd lose half the league. It's an almost laughable exemption - if Ricky Williams was a point guard, he'd have no problems, yet in his current profession, he's labeled as unmotivated, a loser, etc.

I hope the team's corrective action includes a seminar on telling him when he can/can't smoke around what sound like scheduled, regimented drug tests. Rock it after the playoffs, not during/before.
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