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U.S. - Mother, son arrested for in-house marijuana crop


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Thibodaux, LA. - Police have broken up an alleged mother-and-son marijuana-growing operation, turning up nearly $100,000 worth of the crop, which was grown in the suspects' house.

Police arrested Cathy Wells and her son, Jason Hickey, 22, on Monday night. They were booked with cultivation of marijuana and possession with intent to distribute marijuana.

Broussard Police Chief Brannon Decou said his officers found 61 marijuana plants worth an estimated $1,500 apiece, or about $91,500 total.

A tip that the two were growing the plant in-house led to the investigation, which came to fruition after officers made a traffic stop on Hickey and found marijuana in his vehicle, Decou said.

After the stop, police got a search warrant for Hickeys' home, Decou said.

Wells was at home when police arrived to find all of the plants in the attic, along with lamps and reflectors used to promote growth.

Officers also found some marijuana that had already been harvested drying out in other parts of the house during their search.

The search "lasted a long time because we had a lot of evidence to collect," Decou said.

Source: DailyComet.com
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so because he had weed on him in a traffic stop they got a warrent to search his house, thats some fucked up shit. Maybe he had alot of it or something in his car. But that just doest seem right, how were they able to do that? Was having some on him at the stop reasonable suspicion enuff? Scary.


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cops that bust people for weed SUCK....
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