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U.S. - Teacher Accused of Smoking Marijuana with Students


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Fresno, Calif. - Fresno police have arrested a substitute teacher for allegedly smoking marijuana with students during class
at Fresno High School.

Christopher Bochin was substituting for a ninth-grade science class Tuesday when he allegedly asked two students go to his car to retrieve marijuana and a pipe.

Bochin is accused of smoking the drug with six or seven of the students in a class of 30.

He was arrested on felony charges of furnishing marijuana to minors and misdemeanor charges of contributing to the delinquencyof minors.

The teacher is free on bail pending his arraignment on March 23.

Source: KXTV.com
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Yakuza Kick

yeah my science teacher blazed he would come to class with his eyes blood shot... he was tight you got to remember this dude was young still.

William Holden

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Thats funny, because my Chemistry/Physics teacher is just like that. Some days his eyes are all pink, and he'll actually be in the middle of a lecture, and just forget where he was going with it. Haha. I love science :D


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a teacher smoking pot at home is not unreasonable. a teacher smoking pot with students at school is a fool, almost akin to a teacher who would try to solicit sex from a student. this teacher should be in jail, and while there should be beaten and raped anally. getting any minor high on drugs is wrong and should be delt with harshly.


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yeah i smoked when i was in school, but adults doing this at school makes people who don't smoke think all smokers will try to get their little ones hooked on the"evil weed". WE know it ain't true , but they don't believe.
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