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UK: Cannabis Baking Kits Going To Soon Be A Thing, But You Have To Source Own Weed

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You want to whip up a load of edibles. You vaguely remember how to make hash brownies from university but you also vaguely remember that they tasted like trash.

If only there was some sort of herbal bakery delivery kit available which would provide you with all the means necessary to create a wonderful tray of weed-infused treats.

If only there was some way of getting gluten-free, sugar-free ingredients without having to bum it with the other plebs down the Tesco free-from aisle.

Enter: Baking Supply Co.

They’re a new canna ‘healthy baking kit for herbal enthusiasts’ – promising to deliver pre-portioned, refrigerated boxes to your doorstep.

All ingredients have been sourced from local farmers and are totally free from refined sugars (God forbid!) and gluten.

And as you might expect from such a ludicrously hipster concept, the boxes are exorbitantly priced at $40 (£30) a pop.

I know what you’re thinking – weed is pricey and the boxes have to account for that expense.

Well, my friends, you’re wrong. Because you have to supply your own weed if you want to make a batch of bud banana bread.

So basically, it’s the world’s most expensive recipe box.

But, it does come with a digital herbal butter guide so that alone is probably worth £20, amirite?

Each month, the company create a ‘gluten and refined sugar-free recipe designed to taste great with herbal butters and oils’ before ‘perfectly portioning and packing those ingredients’.

‘Then the box gets delivered to your door alongside ‘a comprehensive recipe designed to seamlessly walk you through the entire process: infusing, cooking and storing’.

The Baking Supply Co. is currently crowdfunding on Indiegogo and has raised nearly $8,000 (£6,200) of its $22,000 (£17,000) goal.

So watch out. If you simply want to learn how to knock up some healthier-baked goods, then this is a simplified way of going about it.

But if you don’t live in the states and don’t have that kind of money, you could just look up any recipe online or in an actual recipe book and just use your imagination.


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