UK: Cannabis Farm Uncovered As Police Swoop On Stockton Restaurant

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A cannabis farm with plants worth over £60,000 was uncovered in an afternoon raid on a Stockton restaurant.

Stockton Community Drugs Enforcement Team, working with Cleveland and Durham Specialist Operations Unit , executed a drugs warrant at Dusk Till Dawn in Ramsgate today and found a cannabis farm with plants valued in excess of £60,000.

The two-day operation resulted in arrests and vehicle seizures for driving without insurance, driving without a license and drug driving offences.

No arrests were made at the restaurant address but about 100 plants were recovered.

Onlookers described how several police vehicles blocked the narrow street, between West Row and High Street, at about 1.45pm.

Police were seen using mechanical saws to cut through the restaurant's shutters and gain access through the front door.

One man told The Gazette: "They were using chain saws and Stihl saws to open the shutters up.

"The street was full of police vans and cars - they didn't need to seal it off."

Another told how he heard the sound of electric saws while he was doors away at the nearby Reindeer pub.

He said: "I just heard this really loud sawing sound.

"I came out and the street was full of police interceptors - I recognized some faces from the TV program and the film crew was there too.

"They were cutting the grid off the front of the door. It was good to watch how quickly and efficiently they did it.

"They were like spidermen - they were up on the roof and everything.

"The street was packed with people watching what was going on."

Police continued to guard the back door of the restaurant several hours after the raid took place.

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