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UK Cheese Auto Grow


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This was a very short bushy plant. I could see being able to grow multiples in a small space very well. I could see three to four easily fitting in the 2x2 space of the small tent with double LED boards blasting 24hrs a day. If this smokes as well as it smells and with it's very Indica presence I will consider getting some more of the same again. I will most likely drop the other seed @InTheShed traded with me, a Triple Cheese from BarneyFarms, in the near future. That is after the new grow i've have just dropped seeds for. Watch for an upcoming new grow journal.


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UK Cheese Auto - Final Trim and Buds into Jars for this grow.

This was a little side grow that I decided to do in my smaller Veg Tent under a 100watt HLG Quantum Board. Grown Hempy Style with MegaCrop Nutrients. I did use a minimal amount of Bud Explosion toward the end of the grow combines with a 1gm of Sweet Candy per gallon of mix.

Drum Roll! 59grams/2.08oz at .59grams per watt a little underwhelming. On the other hand 2ozs for a single little auto is pretty good. I'm pleased with the grow and really please at this point by the aroma. The final weight might be a little lower as it appears I might have jarred up a little early as the stems were still slightly pliable. I will take another weight in about a week from now after it's been in the Jar with Boveda at 62%.


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Wrapping this grow up soon. It's in the jar and curing. Monitoring the humidity as it seems a little high in the moment.

I have started a new grow, my 5th. It is located here. My 5th Grow SLH and Gold Leaf

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Hope all is well in your world.

Thanks for sharing this grow with us.

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