UK: Facebook Is Slammed After Cannabis Seeds Were Brazenly Sold On Its Site

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Facebook has been condemned by campaigners after cannabis seeds were openly sold on its site.

The seeds, sold through the site by dealers, could be used to produce hundreds of pounds' worth of the illegal drug.

Batches of the seeds costing up to £95 were brazenly advertised with varieties including 'lemon haze' and 'double bubble'.

In a legal loophole, it is not against the law to sell or buy cannabis seeds in Britain but it is illegal to use the seeds to grow a plant or to sell any article believed to be used to prepare a controlled drug.

Despite this, Facebook users were offered detailed advice about how many weeks the plant takes to flower, how much yield it will produce and even an insight into its 'effect'.

Cannabis is a Class B drug and its use has been linked to mental illness, organized crime and violence.

Facebook removed the pages selling cannabis seeds after being contacted by The Mail on Sunday.

A spokesman said: 'Goods that we determine are illegal have no place on Facebook and are strictly prohibited on the platform.'

Last night, Mary Brett, chair of campaign group Cannabis Skunk Sense, said: 'I have never understood why the sale and possession of cannabis seeds has not been made illegal.

'Why on earth are people going to buy cannabis seeds if they're not going to grow the stuff?'

There were 39 different varieties of cannabis seeds advertised for sale through the Marijuana Seed Shop Facebook page.

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Obviously, Mary Brett is a twit. Everybody knows that cannabis seeds are only souvenirs . . . :Hookah: