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UK grow temp drop & plant still not ready


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Hi everyone,

I moved back to the UK from the Canary Islands last year and bought a few of my seeds back with me. Thought i'd give growing a go here and I've got a nice little White Widow who I pretty much left alone through the summer, with the occasional nutes. Although October has been pretty mild, the temp is starting to drop to 10-14 degrees so I'm starting to worry a little as this isn't an issue I have had to deal with before. She is currently sitting in a south facing small greenhouse tent with door open during the day. I have also wrapped the pot in tin foil (pretty sure I read somewhere that helps the roots stay warm!). She looks ok, a few purple leaves which I assume is from the cold! I will update with pics but I reckon she is at least a few more weeks out, majority pistils still white. Worried about bud rot if I seal the greenhouse in. So do I just leave her to it outside or bring her in under the lights (just 150w LED set up) and hope that the spider mites don't jump on my seedlings. Or do I bring her into the warm and let her sit on my large south facing window for the last leg.

what is the lowest temp she can survive?

Any advice would be much appreciated


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Hi carlad
Thats quite a tough choice, the obvious answer was to stay in the canary islands..but thats not helpful!
So welcome back/to the sunny uk, where the sun forgets to shine.
I would say take her inside, BUT if you got spiders on her its not worth endangering your clones.
I say keep her in her outside tent, keep as much air flowing, as dry as possible..then ride it out as long as you brave.
Sounds like thats what you been doing.
Maybe take some foliage off, improve airflow?
Or book a ticket back to cannary islands.
Loving the purple on her!...good luck


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I just chopped a couple sativa's earlier tonight as our temps are going to drop.... a lot. I would have liked them to be further along but I'll take what I can get. I chopped them at ground level and stuck each one in a bucket of pH'd water with an aerator stone, hoping to get an extra 3-4 days out of them plus they'll be in the dark.


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Thanks for the advice guys,

I'm down south so the temps don't look too bad for the next couple of weeks so going to add a heater in the greenhouse and stick it out. I think autos are the way to go next year, less drama!! Plus I really want to start a guerrilla grow next year, out trekking with the dogs looking for decent spots, can't wait.

I agree that moving back from the Canarys was not the best move, used to grow absolute trees in the garden back there!!

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