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UK Growers - Thrips

doctor g0nz0

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Now three weeks into my first grow and yesterday noticed some tiny yellow bugs and some discoloration (silver) on the leaves. After a bit of investigation I feel confident that the problem is thrips. Haven't seen a lot of the bugs but I'm assuming it will only get worse. Could anybody recommend the best product on the UK market for dealing with these little blighters. My local grow shop sells a product called 'Pest Off'. Is that any use? cheers in advance

Dr G...


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Hi mate. i have 2 seedlings now and one of them has like silver white splodges sort of. hard to explain. is that what yours looks like?? Im in the uk too so any help of anyone would be helping me too.
Time to kill the fukers, stealin our weed cheeky fukers!!!


Look for any garden insect spray that contains spinosad as it will eliminate thrips.best product i found was called "monterey garden insect spray

doctor g0nz0

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Cheers winkster. To be honest the problem doesn't seem to be getting any worse. I'm still only finding one or two of the tiny yellow worm things a week. I grabbed a bottle of organic bug spray from the local supermarket but haven't used it yet as problem wasn't getting any worse. I'll get some of that stuff you recommended and give it a try if i think things are worsening.

I just searched google images for 'thrips leaf damage'. Plenty of stuff to compare your leaf damage to on there.

Dr G
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