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UK Hemp Expo Confirmed: "With Police Approval"


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The 4th annual 'Hemp Expo' is definately confirmed say the organisers 'Weed World' magazine. The massive show case event for hemp products will be at the Telford International Centre in May 5, 6, & 7th 2007.

The event was controversially cancelled at the last moment last year after the owners of proposed venue in Coventry pulled the plug.

The organisers say they are "determined to highlight the health benefits from using the hemp plant" and are emphasising that the event has local Police approval.

'Weed World' say the event will be a huge boost for the hemp industry in Britain:
"Say the word hemp to anyone, and chances are many will either have notions of illegal drug use, sandal wearing bearded non-conformists and for those old enough to remember — the heady days of the 60's.

But mention that the hemp plant contains vital life giving oils, anti-oxidants and vitamins, as well as possessing huge medicinal qualities; ranging from effective painrelief through to relieving depression; most will be left amazed with the plants versatility. And the good news doesn't stop there — research has proven that the all too often demonised cannabis plant could be the answer to current concerns over global warming, with clothes, technical textiles, other industrial products, paper, building materials, food stuffs, body care all being made from the hemp plant. Simply growing hemp could relieve many of the planets problems too! And could — if adopted on a bigger scale - prove a massive boon to the agricultural industry. Hemp is pest resistant, it suppresses weeds, and it's a soil improver making for excellent animal bedding and feed. ... and that is why we are staging the 4th annual Hemp Expo at the Telford International Centre in May 5, 6, & 7th 2007. To let the world know why we need hemp in our lives!"

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