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UK Outdoor Grow Dates & Cloning Questions?


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Hello all!

Got a friend planning an outdoor grow and could do with some answers please.

Does anyone know what month i can plant outside from clone?

When im cloning, should i transplant into soil or will coco be fine until transplant into the garden?

I will be growing under T5s then transplant them, the garden that there going in gets all the sun all day long without shade so will this encourage stretch or make them a shorter stacked plant?

I dont want to top them or any training, stress free lifes is what they will be getting :).

Can anyone also provide me with some good outdoor strains something thats mould proof.

Apparently the UK classes the 29th march till 27th october as there summer, but even if you have been to the uk in these times its guaranteed it was raining on your visit :19:.


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typically after last frost is the first time you could try, but it may still be too cold if you did not already start to harden them off. Other than the quality of weather, you are not far from the same season as myself (Canada)

Technically the summer is only three months of the year, but the growing season is clearly well beyond those parameters.

As long as the signs of frost are long behind you, March and April are the times to move plants outside ( I can only speak on vegetables though, but will be treating my cannabis the same way)

The time to move is up to you, as only you can judge the breaks in weather, I cannot see through your cloud cover

Make sure they are hardened off before though, otherwise you are asking to be let down
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