UK: Where All The Cannabis Farms Have Been Busted In Plymouth

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Almost 200 cannabis farms – from single plants to massive industrial scale operations – have been raided by Plymouth police over the last five years.

Figures from Devon and Cornwall Police showed that 194 illegal growing operations were found between 2012 and 2016.

In total, some 1,300 cannabis plants have been seized and destroyed by police. The two biggest operations were found in the East End of the city where 125 and 110 cannabis plants were discovered in two separate police raids.

But the most prolific area of the city for cannabis grows was Whitleigh were 18 separate busts were carried out.

In the majority of cases people caught with cannabis plants were given a police caution (92). Overall, 79 people were charged and put before the courts, 12 were handed so-called "cannabis warnings" while nine others had material seized from their post.

In 68 cases, police were unable to say how many plants had been seized at each address, meaning the overall total will be much higher.

In April of this year, police uncovered a suspected cannabis farm with more than 600 plants in an unassuming terraced house in Greenbank.

After forcing their way in officers were stunned to discover a sophisticated cannabis-growing operation spread across four floors of the property.

Evidence at the property suggested it is very similar to other cannabis farms previously found in Plymouth which were created and maintained by Vietnamese organized crime gangs.

Two rooms on the first floor were completely given over to the operation, with each room containing a network of lights, cables, vent tubes, watering system pipes and around 100 three-foot-high cannabis plants ready to be harvested.

The loft area was set up with powerful lights, fans and a automatic watering system to grow around 200 marijuana plants, which were around a foot tall. Another section of the loft appeared empty but dried cannabis remains suggested those who were tending the plant had already harvested a crop.

In the basement, in the kitchen area, officers found two propagators, each with around 100 four-inch-high baby cannabis plants.

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