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Ultrasonic's UltraChronic: Which strain do I start with?

Which strain should I choose to germinate for my next grow?

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Hey there everybody! I've been gone for a little while, but in the next couple weeks i'll be starting a mother for my next grow. I've already ordered a few seeds, and I'd like to see the communities opinion on which one I should start first.

The strains are: White Widow, White Rhino, AMS, Church, Trainwreck, Blue Cheese, ColeTrain, Motivation. I have 1 of each seed, and lots of time of start another if if one I choose doesn't pop.

I should note I have a preference for the white widow strains simply because I've grown them before. (ww, rh). The next one I will be doing will most likely be a blue cheese... i've just heard so many great great things.

I should also note that this grow will be 1000w in a 4x4 tent, SCROG (yes, my original plan :), lol ). However this time I'll be making it all worth my while: i've chosen to upgrade to co2. I've got 3 months to save enough to get that ordered.

The first seed I choose will be done in MY FIRST soil grow. I've determined it's much easier to keep mums small, trimmed back, in a small soil pot with good drainage, under cfls. This way i'll be able to keep 1-5 mums of different genetics.

So what is the opinion of the community :439:


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i voted trainwreck but white rhino would be my 2nd!


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Anything particular about the trainwreck?

I encourage anyone to post their opinions: we all know they're just like assholes: everyones got one :)
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