I have been using hygrozyme to help break down bad microbes and sludge caused by organics.Also greatwhite works pretty well from what I hear and comes in dry form.With organics bad microbes acumalate pretty fast if not kep in check.The hygrozyme or greatwhite breaks down bad micro using good microbes that feed off the bad ones for plant uptake.If you get a lot of slime on your roots it will deprive of 02 and make things harder for the roots to drink there water and vitamins.:)
Things are looking nice man...Organics in a hydro set up is a hard thing to do.

PS.Yeah I totally seen you guys cought the heart of that storm.Crazy flooding like I have not seen in a long time.Streets turned to rivers land slides.I think the mud mark on some of them houses was up to the roof.Thats crazy stuff I havent seen any thing like that since I was a kid living on the delta when the levi broke.
Hey Turttle I use hygrozyme as well, I use it in my coco and soil, I have added it to my bubble buckets as well with great white and never had any issues with that combo. I just started using Cobra for a test, I will publish the results when the 90 days is over. I love keeping my hydro organic, I actually get 90% of my beloved dirt taste. Have you looked into aquaponics? I learned quite a bit of it in NL, I am just setting up my first here in SoCal, I am raising talapia in one tank (IBC 275 tote) and fresh water prawns from Australia in the other, these tanks will feed a larger version of what I am running now which are 8 gal, the new ones are 28 gal and 55 gallon cut in half floating foam rafts filled with clones. The aquaponics is certainly the way to go for an auto pilot grow, just feed your fish and they will take care of the rest.
Wow! Very interesting stuff. I wish MA would pass med laws so I could give some of these larger systems a try, but for now I've got to keep my grows small. I feel the day is soon to come, so I'll be taking notes here. The aquaponics system is amazing, I'd love to see that in action!
We got burried with snow again, this time we got another 18 or 19". Im sore as hell from shoveling.
What kind of lighting set-up are you planing for the giant dwc system? Sounds like it will need some serious lighting, an outdoor system like that would proberly produce some amazing results!
Good luck
Hey Pharmer sorry to hear about more snow, that really sucks. Well MA is still a ways away, keep in touch with mpp.org, they are the lobbying group which has done the most so far along with NORML. There is always the alternative, go west my son, go west.

As far as the xxxl UCDWC, I am running 2x600 MH with 660w LED on a light rail mover in that room, after a few months of veg I will change it over to 600w HPS with the LED, last 2 weeks I run 1 x 1000w normal par and 1 x 1000w 10k finishing bulb on for 1 hr off for 2hr.

I am currently working with a 400w induction light which is kind of hush hush, there is a pick of it in my gallery. With any luck the induction light will hit the stores sometime early spring. From our first tests of the light, we were amazed more than any of the LED's we have tested amazed....

The aquaponics set up will be in my greenhouse, it is much too large for my diggs to be inside. Well I guess I could always close down my indoor bowling alley and set it up in there ;) lol
Bowling alley huh, LOL! Shit, maybe I should go west. A greenhouse sounds perfect for the aquaponics setup. You should be able to pull a nice crop from that, should be interesting, to say the least. I've been debating making a move out west, but family, and some other issues are holding me back for the time being. Oh well, but I am famillier with MPP, I've been trying to get some time to help them out as well as Normal over here. All in time I guess.... Well stay safe my phriends!!!
Thanks Thew1 my methods change per strain, I usually let clones get comfy in the system so they are nice and plump, I then remove 20% of the larger leaves, bend the stems till they sweat a little bead, then move onto the next one. I also fray out the ends of the new growth so to split it into 2, then again 4, then again 8 etc. I usually repeat this to max bud spots and build knots right below the bud, sort of provides a local res of nutes and water for the buds. You can see from the last photos sets, the babies are a bit bare and filling in with new growth.

Hey Pharmer, lots of people debate the move here, our local market issues close to 40k medical scripts per day, so the green rush is in full bloom here. I loved growing in Amsterdam, but the weather really sucks 70% of the year. Florida the laws are too criminal for their own good. So SoCal it is for me. I hope you can find your way to a better state.....or find a way to fast track it.
Yeah Farmer, I think you guys have too many transplants over ther already. I'd love to be out there, but I'd rather see the rest of the country have the same type of situation. Its crazy how drasticly differant the laws can be from one state to the next. Its all a matter of time, I just hope its sooner than later. The prices of meds must be way down with such a saturated market all the time. Although, in a market like that, I would imagine quality would be greater due to so much competition. It all has ppro's and con's, but the bottom line is, I got to be worried about being locked in a cage for my mini grow:thedoubletake:
I have to agree with you Pharmer, lots of transplants like myself here, most of my grow partners here have taught me a lot about growing in the desert with 18% rh. I was used to growing in NJ, FL, NL, UK and ES, so this was a whole new range of problems. IN SoCal water based systems are best suited for indoor and outdoor grows.

Onto the meds, well people need to learn that drying for 7 days and sticking it in turkey bags or jars is not curing. There is a flood of B and C grade hydro and outdoor, very little 5 star 60+day cured bud available in dispensaries, you just have to join the right co-op or collective to get the best stuff. Prices range from $2000-4600 per elbow of indoor and $900 - $3000 for outdoor. Most of our best products find their way to your area, lots of patients in the NE.
Hey Thew 1, I took some pics, before, after trimming away 20% and the final is after supercropping. If you go in close on the branches you can see the knots in some of the photos above this post. Anyway a quick update on the system condition, today was a bit warm 86f so I had to run the trusty pool chiller to keep the girls out of the 70's for the day.

5.9 ph
565 ppm
temp 22c
I added

100ml A&B dutch pro grow
100ml Take Root
25 ml Silika Magic
50 ml SoCal biochar bugs
2+ gal r/o water
No major work as of today just a bit of trimming and a light bath of Rasta Bobs Death Mite as a preventative. I would also highly recommend using in a humidifier to control a room of mites, I have used to clear a 14x18 room of all walking munching creatures within 6 days of adding 2oz to each humidifier fill up. I now use it to prevent all sorts of pests.
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