Here are some weekend updates, I really forget to check on them until late last night. The room temp hit 92 with 14% humidity and my ppm's leveled off at 920, 5.8 ph water temp 68.4f, They look really well considering what I just put them through, just to prove how much they loved the stress they grew 4" since Fridays pics, as you can see no burned tips, no instant death syndrome. They all seem to like the chemical and environmental abuse I put them through. I started the pre flower diet and will most likely take them over to the larger system to flower out in 35 gal buckets. I have a whole bunch of new clones ready to go, so I will also be running in my NFT and ebb and flow. Stay tuned
I'm really interested to see how the Dr Grinspoon turns out, that a very unique strain. Very differant bud structure. Have you grown that before?
Lol smokey, I know NFT seems to be the rage right now for anyone with a 5x5 fence post, I use the NFT systems as a staging area for the buckets, I usually don't just add clones and seeds and go, this was for more demonstration. With the NFT, the plants don't shock as much when thrown into the DWC after week 3. Mine is a bit different, I manage to use 5-10 micron mist along side the 30 micron sprayers, concept is always the same, just a few twists. It is really nothing special so I won't be adding a journal for the NFT.

This is an example of the fog 3-5 micron, the fogger head is in the bucket with the fan and flat tray on top. I have another 3 headed fogger that feeds the NFT via vacuum extractor

Pharmer, I have not grown it out yet, I have smoked it and have seen it growing in Barneys Farm, but I am on my first run with it. It is not the easiest strain to grow, it also produces very very small yields, 20g - 40 g per plant. I have been warned that she is also very very picky about environment controls, no major temp swings at all or they herm easy. It is not my ideal strain to grow just curiosity.
LOl it used to be called Quasar, Philosophers Buds and Speed Buds back in Amsterdam in the 90's. It was pretty hard to find even in the Dam, I was at Barney's having breakfast and I decided to try it instead of my pre breakfast sweet tooth joint. It was 40 euros for 2 grams (over the top pricing), but I was very happy I tried it, so I had to pick some up and try them out. These are the last seeds I picked up, so these and Kosher Kush are my 2011 stock.
I wish I had your seed stock. All the seeds I have left are pineapple express and sensi star. I have 2 decent mothers belladonna and superlemon haze and five mother canidates of 3 freebies from kanabia,pineapple express and sensi star. But having a good seed stock like yours look to be a start of a awesome year.
So far out of these seeds, the best performing is the Reserva Privada and DNA, the Barneys were a bit slow starters (Dr.G is very slow) and lost 1 seed Vanilla just never cracked, Greenhouse Kings Kush is about 8ft tall while the others are closer to 6.5. The Hypo Amnesia is seriously dense and is aleardy stacking internodes like preflower, but she is still vegging, just filling in hoping to flower. I moved her into 24 hr light and she is still doing the same, I clicked a clone and it flowered out in 6 weeks 4 days 66 grams, so I can't wait to run a small SOG in soil.
It totally depends on the strain, the less background usually the larger the seed. This is not a science it is only my observation, the heirloom stock I have from NL are all quite large for indica and medium to small for sativa, these are Northern Lights, Skunk 1-5, panama red, california indica, Ice, malawi gold and durban poison these are some of my breeding stock that I know where they came from before the seedbanks got ahold of them. The more I interbred Sativa with Indica, the smaller the seeds
Lol, 35 gal buckets! I love it, go big or go home! Sweet, I cant wait to see that BEAST in action! HaHa you kill me man, I like your style. I wish I could mess with gear that big.
Good luck with the transfer.
I agree, the plant is very healthy otherwise, I'm wondering if it's something in the genes, or maybe it's from the stress from re-veging? I can't remember if they were there before I re-veged or not. I think they were. It's kind of interesting to me though. I got another plant that I put in to re-veg, and she wont stop flowering. The strain is Fourway which has some Ruderalis bred in it. I backcrossed it to make seeds and I think this one turned into an auto by getting mor ruderalis genes in it. I could be wrong, but it seems to make sense to me.

Whats happening Farmer, hows the grow going? You got any pics of that monster set up your working on. I cant wait to check that out! That should be some sick shit!
Dont hold me to it as its only something I read in a grow book but a swirl shaped leaf is a sign of reverting back to veg. But I hadnt come across anything like this, I'd take some more pics and keep track of what it does. If you know the breeder of the seeds you used see if you could get in contact with them, maybe they could tell you that its something they've encountered or something new, that would be a cool find. It is kind weird looking though, looks like a set of fangs or something....... mutating genes...... U should find out, maybe theres something about it worth breeding and exploring its genetics a little bit.
Hi all, sorry I have been busy as hell the last few days, not much time to update everyone. So here are today's stats

Temp 67.3f
ppm 782
ph 5.8

1.6 gal r/o water
10 ml ph-
50 ml multitotal
150 ml leaf green (over 4 day period)
50 ml Grow A&B
75 ml Bloom A&B
100 ml take root
15 ml keep clean
15 ml aquashield
56 gr biochar

Hey Pharmer I will be building it out next week, I am waiting on a greenhouse controller and some probes so I can check root zone temps etc. I am trimming back 4 girls to go into the system as early as next weekend. I have a few pics of the barrels and pump in my gallery. I wouldn't worry too much on that mutation, I get some really strange ones, the buds usually turn out pretty well. What are you feeding it when you kicked it back to veg, most veg formulas are feeding cells so they can stretch, bloom on the other hand will slow that down and change hormones to flower out. So you get some twisted ones from time to time.
Okay we have had some pretty dry weather here, my RH was down to 2%, so I had to build some walls to create more of a micro climate so they don't dehydrate. Although they are in water as a media, the leaves still require a bit of humidity to thrive. So I had a roll of silver bubbles and some velcro, instant wall will reflective qualities. I have added a small spray bar which mists out 500 ml per hr and a humidifier on the other end to keep the babies in warmer air. These pics were with lights off shitty auto focus.
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