Here are a few more pics with the lights on. As you can see my seedlings are doing really well, they are certainly filling out fast, they are on the same nutes as their bigger sisters, they seems to be enjoying the juice. I have some root photos I will post up in a bit, I want to really show everyone what the biochar does for the roots once it populates the entire system. Enjoy!

I have to say I am really liking the Dutch Pro nutes, my plants are responding superbly even when overdosed, I still see no burnt tips or visible damage except some stress purple in the stems. I think that may be due to the water temps and room temps so far apart at times. Anyway, that Leaf Green from DP is some serious stuff, I spray a ragged old tomato plant with it, yellow necrotic bug eaten leaves are now a nice plump green with raised hair everywhere. I would recommend it to be sprayed on moms before taking cuttings, I also use Leaf Coat from Biobizz. The two combined will enable the cutting to survive from foliar feeding for 5-7 days while the roots pop.
Looking great Ed, nice and healthy.
I went most of the way through veg without feeding them anything. I'm trying to go all organic on this run. This is my first try at organics. I think I provided them with enough nuitrients in the soil mix, and supplemented them a little with some Neptunes Harvest Fish/seaweed blend. They seem to be responding well. Only one of my girls has the extra fan blades, and it seems healthy otherwise.
Any suggestions on what to feed them once I swich them over. The one I have in flower now I gave a Bat Guano tea when I started her flowering cycle. I'd like to give them plenty of nuitrients without over doing it. But likr I said, this is my first run with organics, so I'm not too sure of myself.
Thanks for any help, I value your opinion!
Thanks Pharmer, they seem to be responding well to my abuse. I usually don't like to add to many nutes to dirt, i like to let nature take it's course using just my soil mix and compost teas.
A very simple mix that will blow You away if you strive for optimum flavor in your buds. Most Brewery shops have powdered citric acid, then you need the raw, unprocessed cane sugar(the brown rock sugar that still contains molassis). Mix 1 dry ounce of each into 500ml's of warm h2o and mix well. I add 5ml's per gallon of res. every res. change. It drops PH considerably the 1st day or 2 then stabilizes. Citric acid is a good ph down, but it doesnt last as long as phos. acid. I feed it to them always and switch to a clearing solution the last 7-10 days of flower which is a 2% diluted mixture of any organic bloom formula.
Ok cool, thats exactly what I was going for. I didnt really feed them at all during veg, and let my soil mix take care of them. Then at triggering them I gave a bat guano tea to them. I was planning on giving them some blackstrap mollassis, but I'll try to pick up some of powdered citric acid, and I've used the pure suger cane before. But thanks bro, thats reassureing. The smell from one of my girls(who is flowering under 24/7 light) is amazing!!! I cant even describe it! I wish I could clone her, but shes flowering, and only has about 5 main branches that I dont want to cut, plus it would be trickey anyways considering she's autoflowering.
Great journal here Ed. glad I checked it out.

I have a question for you regarding your tea from a few pages back. After brewed, how would you go about adding it if you were using Hempy buckets? Would you add directly or just mix 1cup of the tea per gallon of water and just water like normal?

I already have the Zho, and grabbing the others would be no problem. Much appreciated, keep up the damn good work. :cool:

I've been watching this journal from the start and just want to say thanks! I'm seriously considering one of these systems and it's a pleasure to see it in operation. The one question I haven't answered for myself yet is grow module size. Do I want the 8 gallon or 13 gallon? I have an 8x10 room and I'm considering an 8 site system. Any recommendations? :)
Sorry for bad journaling last few weeks, all my servers were seized by feds, fortunately the servers they jacked were only local mirrors, the db's are hosted in Amsterdam so all my sites are back online. Ok I have quite a few photos I have just added, basically taken throughout the last 15 days or so.

Absolutely NOTHING has been done to the girls since February 4th, I just left them to their own devices and also wanted to see how many nutes were being leeched into the biochar. You will see some pics of the roots, no fear the black and slime is not pythium, it is seaweed extract, and biochar, you can see how much the roots love the biochar. The roots seemed to create a chandelier effect from the bubbles and the biochar floating around, so far we have seen the biochar leeching entire colonies of beneficials, now we will see how many nutes are leeched as well (sending to lab on Tuesday)

On February 4th I added 75ml of Dutch pro Bud A/B, 15 ml of bloom ph-, 50 ml multitotal, 200 ml leaf green foliar, 100 ml socal biochar bugs, 10 ml black strap molasses (organic un processed and still with sulfur added). My temps were 67.2f ppm 1180, ph 5.6. On February 18th I went into the room and did an overall scan and read 760 ppm 6.2ph and temp 68.2 (recorded high temp was 72.3 and lowest 62.7)


I have also added a few new girls to my flower room, DJ Short's Blueberry (from DJ himself ), Super Sour Diesel BX2, and a Haze ???. They arrived in soil and mostly dehydrated, I put them under induction light and heavy fogging of phosphonic acid and a mixture of Bordeaux sugars seemed to snap them back pretty stress free. Anyway they will be treated to a new line up from Heavy 16, I have a few small batches to test of some new secret juices. I won't bother with a journal since they are starting their 4th week into flower. I added .5 gr of house and garden shooting powder and 25 ml of instant karma from Cash Crop to 30 gallons of well water ph 7.88, I added 25 ml of vegan compost tea ("Matt the Growers" secret recipe with trichoderma and chitosan). I have built up a soil that should be ready to transplant the girls into 20 gal pots by the weekend. I added Biochar, oyster shell, macerated food compost, mango peels, a mixture of 17 worm castings, seagull, bat guano, and tons of beneficals. It should be a just add water to finish plants.


Hey Marley sorry I forgot to address your post, once brewed you will have a very strong concentrate, i never use more than 7ml per gallon on rockwool or coco, 10ml per gal DWC, 15 ml per gal for soil. It is very strong and will populate very fast. I usually take some charcoal (biochar) and let the tea soak into it for 10-12 days, then just float the biochar in the res or break up to mix in soil / coco. You will need to also feed it a bit of diluted black strap molasses usually 10 grams per gal warm water, you can warm it in the microwave then mix it in. Best temps are molasses mix around 100f and probiotics around 72f. Make sure you keep mixture refrigerated or stored in cool area no colder than 45f and no hotter than 85f.

Hey Hogdady I did not forget you either. If you are interested in the recirculating DWC I would recommend a system from Home : Current Culture Hydroponics, superior hydroponic systems. their systems are engineered for successful first grows.

I can offer help with building your own system, but by the time you are done you will save about $200 and have no support except your online vendors. Dan offers great customer support and is pretty much 1 on 1 with you so it is worth the extra $200.

Growing in an 8 x 10 with 7-8 foot ceiling I would recommend the 8 gal XL8, the 13 gal will really let your plants grow tall and fast, only if you have the room to expand get the 13. Just about anything growing in the 8 gal will also provide a bit of walk around space which is much needed in an 8x10.

The photos in the beginning of my journal are taken inside a 10 x 10 tent, I normally install 2 x 8XL systems in one tent. Dan offers several lids which make it easy to configure any growing size, I have run 8" netpots in the 8 gal and also 24 x 2" on top of an 8 gal for clones all with the same epicenter. Hope that helps, you can't go wrong with an 8 pack, you can add another 20 if you get the space.

Damn Bro, you don't mess around. Your plants are lovin life, really healthy. I got a new tent thats 76x76x76, any suggestions? I'm gonna be finishing up a small 4plant grow in the next 4-5 weeks. The 4 I got barely take up one side of the tent. Ihave 2 1000w hps and just bought a 600w cooltube. I don't have too much loot, but I could spend a little to get something going. I'm thinking of some kind of rdwc or other hydro system. Thanks for all of your help!
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