Understanding Basic Facts Of Using CO2


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This is a thread dedicated into understanding the Use of CO2.

Is it deadly? O yesyesyesyes it is!

Starting out with small grows, I personally reccomend using the CO2 sheets. Spray with water and for several hours of drying time they will spit out approx 1000ppm.
Fungies- ARE YOU KIDDING?!?!! Never ever even discharge and its FUNGUS DUDE!!!
Next is Bottled. Very respectable way of adding CO2, but typically used with a timer...?? For estimated dissipation.
Then there is the deadly one, burning gas. NO NOT GAS LIKE PETROL! Sometimes using natural gas (meh peyoo!) Or a more cleaner propane.

This is where you put away the timer for the....time being. YOU HAVE TO SPEND THE BIG BUCKS AND GET A CO2 CONTROLLER. YOU HAVE NO CHOICE, KEEP FAMILY SAFE!!!
Ya about 300 clams. Dont buy a used one redneck! There you will have full controls. Night turn off, 100-1000 percentages, the works Autopilot is what I have.
Another thing is this. Especially when you use gas. There has been mentioned of another gas that is extruded when burning gas.
With tight rooms like mine, this is apparently a serious factor.
So pick up your timer, set for 1 HOUR AFTER LIGHTS ON AND 1 HOUR PRIOR TO LIGHTS OFF.
Then empty CO2 near bedtime, fully flushing EVERYTHING out. CO2 is off, heater (if it's cold outside) is working. Turn off ac. When hot outside, leave ac on.
Some tidbits to give you an idea...


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That is what contributions, like your will help guide the beginner.
Starting out is the single biggest bitch that typically is a complete loss to that beginner.
Through out all my threads, it's all about starting with your best chance of being successful.

With other contributes can get a whole lot deeper into it.



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People are clueless, all people are clueless in the beginning. And we ALL had a beginning and most lost their asses, right?
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