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unflushed pot- besides tasting bad, can it make you sick?


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I was forced to harvest before flushing due to an unforeseen accident (light fell on plant-- oops!) just as I was about to flush, so the trichomes were mature & ready for harvest. After drying and curing, it was potent but tasted nasty as hell. But after a few days of smoking a small amount daily I totally lost my appetite to the point where just the thought of eating grossed me out. When you don't eat for awhile you start feeling really crappy, so I would force myself to eat something, but I always had to stop after a few bites b/c I was so grossed out. I kept waiting for it to pass but it didn't.

I finally put it together after a couple of weeks and stopped smoking that ish. That was 5 days ago and I'm a little better but not much. So my question is, can the chemical nutes in unflushed pit actually be toxic? I have never experienced anything like this, I am healthy and normally feel well. I used GH MaxiBloom, half strength with every watering.

I'm going to make hash out of what is left, as soon as my silkscreen arrives in the mail. Hopefully it can be salvaged that way... :-(
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