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Plant of the Month: April 2016
alrighty folks, here we go again.

as the title states I will do a pic a day. no more. the only exception Is today to get caught up.

it's one plant in dwc.

Barney's farm critical kush is the strain. it was a freebie single from those awesome folks at Gorilla seeds.

here's some info from the gorilla:

Rock Hard Buds Ready in 8 Weeks Flat!

Critical Kush mixes two of the most legendary strains to come up with a surefire hit with knockout stones, truly stupendous yields & a sick 25% THC level. She'll barely reach 90 cm at her tallest with a unbelievably thick layer of sparkling crystals. Sticky doesn't even begin to describe this new Barney's Farm super star. Order yours today!

100% Feminized Seeds

25% THC - Wow!
Up to 650 gr/m2
Indica Dominant
1.8% CBD - 8 Weeks

If You Love Kush, You Have to Try This One!

It really is as simple as that! With insane 650 gr/m2 yields, even crazier 25% THC levels & a very fast 55-60 day finish, Critical Kush Seeds are impossible to beat! These frosty ladies really know how to pump out the resin for an unbelievably thick layer of crystals and that classic Kush aroma that fills the room like no other breed can. Get your filters ready - you'll need 'em!

-Critical Kush Flowering Time = 8 Short Little Weeks!
-Knockout Stones with Classic Kush Flavour & Aroma
-Medium Sized for Easy Management - 110 cm Max
-Indica Dominant with Generous Amounts of CBD

If you're looking for a trippy strain, you can leave Barney's Farm Critical Kush to those who can truly appreciate a knockout stone that's so relaxing chill doesn't even begin to describe it. This impressive powerhouse adds a 2.1% CBD rating to this Indica-dominant mix to create a superbly relaxing herb that's only recommended for nighttime enjoyment. In other words, this ain't no wake-and-bake weed seed!

so thats what they say about it. sounds freakin awesome right?

she's gonna grow in a diy 5 gallon Deep Water Culture bucket. with hydroton.

we have a Mars Hydro Mars II 1200 watt led on a light rail light mover.

we are in a generic 4x8 tent.

as I write this, temp is at 70 degrees and r.h. is at 41%.

p.h. is currently unknown. meters are otw.

we have water, we have air and we will have nutes.

nutes schedule is T.B.A. as of this moment. she is running just clear drink atm.

as a seed she went into water on july 12th.

then into paper towel on july 13th.

into a rockwool cube on july 18th.

that wool cube went into a 4" cube on july 20th.

4" cube went into dwc late on july 20th.

rockwool removed on july 22nd.

air pump is running the drip ring only atm.

and so here we are the night of july 23rd. she seems happy enough I guess.

ok, so I will try not to prattle on too much in this thread, like I do in my dta perpetual one, lol. gonna try to keep it more to the point of pic a day, maybe ph + ppm's as I take them so I can keep record here. as well, any other pertinent info.

so, without further to do, I will break my rule this once to get us up to date here. pics oops plural.

so first pic is in towel on july 16.

then we can see on july 17 how I like to encourage the top to open while in towel.

on july 18th she is in rockwool.

skipped a pic day, lol thread wasn't born in my mind yet.
on july 20th in the 4" cube

and into the tent on july 20th as well.

july 22nd the rockwool came out

and here she is as of july 23rd.

I will take a july 24th pic after I wake up on the 24th lol.

that's all for now,
wish me luck, for it's my first foray into dwc.

thanks for perusing my journals


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Sorry for repeat reply I was using this cell hitting back button and thought my comment got deleted. I hate these damn touch screen cell phones! Still learning how to use these things and I'm only 30 lol


Plant of the Month: April 2016
day 14 from seed. T:74---RH:47---PH:TAP:7.5---BUCK:5.8---TDS:TAP:108---BUCK:132 worked once, checking tap then bucket. didn't work again.

so after adding 1/2 strength nutes, the bloody thing wouldn't turn on properly. it goes on but nothing shows onscreen.

not much to see yet. but still happy n healthy.


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Just saw your journal and decided to sub as I will do DWC my next grow. Always like seeing others set-ups as it gives me good ideas for mine. I want to try the Hydroton for sure, maybe even try a mix with neutralized pea gravel. Nice start, I never tried paper towel yet.



Plant of the Month: April 2016
welcome aboard ya bloody stoned gypsy!! lol

it's my first ever dwc, first time using hydroton. first time using meters on my own grow.

I don't know, or should I say think, that the pea gravel will work, I think it is too small, and would cause more of a clogging effect, not to mention likelihood of going through the net pots. as I said, idunno. but that's my thoughts. fwiw.

I was really on the fence about paper towel a few years ago. having been just a veggie gardener prior. just drop the seeds in soil, toil, and they will be good. now however, I have had great success with them.

have fun eh


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welcome aboard ya bloody stoned gypsy!! lol

I don't know, or should I say think, that the pea gravel will work, I think it is too small, and would cause more of a clogging effect, not to mention likelihood of going through the net pots. as I said, idunno. but that's my thoughts. fwiw.

I may just have to design and 3D print a net pot with correct size holes then...problem solved ;)
Let ya see it when I'm done! Cheers!


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I'm going to sit here in the corner and watch the show progress ;)

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i think if your going dwc your water has to be ph/ec ed all the time no?
i'm doing outside and inside soil and looking in to some journals with dwc, swick, ebb and flow... wanna try something new to keep busy and motivated:19:


Plant of the Month: April 2016
c'mon in fellars, the waters fiiiinne!!

see now veinz.....hmmm veinz....that's just nasty lol.

anyways ya see here veinz, I am a soil grower.....this here water stuff is sorta new to me. now that bein said, I did order a tds and a ph meter last week. got em yesterday, found out the tds is a dud.

now, I know from playing with the tri meter I got for my buddy's grow that our water here runs about 7.5. now that hasn't been a problem for me runnin soil. acts like a big assed filter. but because I know that, I also had previously fingered out that for our water here, it takes a 1/4 tsp of vinegar per gallon of water to get down to acceptable levels. well for soil.

in this here deal, since I got my new fandangled ph meter workin. it started at 7.5 and it took 2 tsp of vinegar to drop 3 1/2 gallons of water to 5.8. which, from alls my readins I been dooin here, seems to be a gooder number than 7.5.

ppm gonna hafta wait til Friday apparently.

turns out, that huge online retailer that I've never used before this purchase, has an awesome setup for returns/replacements. kudos to them fer that one. ordered last week, got em yesterday, gonna have the new one by Friday they say.

wow!!! I aint supposed to do all kindsa gobbledegook on here. must be the wacky cake. yum.

anyhow, I may as well put up todays pic, she looks no worse for wear having been drinkin 1/2 strength wk 1 veg nutes fer a day now.

ok here's another lie......I am breakin the rules again. but this is merely info. my nutes chart i'm using.

it has been asked about in my other current grow, so I figger i'd toss it up in here.

have fun eh


Plant of the Month: April 2016
gonna hafta print me a new one of them off.....that one sure don't look like that no more. lol


Plant of the Month: April 2016
quickie late night update....T: 74 RH: 47 PH: 5.9

the pic o the day:

sorry, tired. do my other journal in the am

have fun eh


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I'm subed. Look like a great start.

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