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Unhealthy Wonderwoman's.


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My friend is growing 2 wonderwomans in dwc with cfl. They are growing alongside a bag seed all in the same system. Tje bagseed is doing exceptionally but the wonderwomans are barely alive..... major signs of distress and deficiencies. What does this mean???? The environment is obviously suitable to grow, optimal really, so I just dont get it. Any ideas friends?


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What else can you tell us about the grow? We need as much information as possible. Pictures will help even more.

What Strain is it? Wonder Woman
Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages?
How Many Plants?
Is it in Vegetative or Flowering Stage?
If in Vegetative Stage... How Long?
If in Flowering Stage... How Long?
Indoor or Outdoor?
Soil or Hydro?
If Hydro, Reservoir size?
If Hydro, Reservoir Temperature?
If Hydro, what type of Medium?
If Hydro, what type of Setup?
Size (Wattage) of Light? How Many?
Is it Air Cooled?
Temperature of Room/Cabinet?
RH of Room/Cabinet?
PH of Medium or Reservoir?
Any Pests?
How Often are you Watering?
Type and Strength of Fertilizers used?
Size or Square Footage of Room?

This information is necessary for accurate support to be given.


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My mistake.
2 Wonder womans are growing alongside a mystery seed. All 3 in the same DWC system. The Wonder womans were sprouted about 1 week after the mystery seed. The mystery seed is doing very well and the wonder womans are doing very poorly.

Not a great picture.


Strain: Wonder woman (Nirvana) feminized
Genetics: Sativa dominant hybrid
# of plants: 2
Cabinet: 2x3 stealth box (air cooled)
Cabinet temp: 68-74
Cabinet RH: 56-62%
Stage: veg
Age: 3 weeks
Hydro: DWC
Reservoir: 6 gallon tub (3 gallons solution)
Lights: CFL ( 23w bulb 4" over each plant)
Nutrients: Ionic Grow(1/4 strength), Super Thrive, z7
PH: 5.8-6.1
Pests: None

* Only difference between the Mystery and the Womans is that the mystery wasn't fed until it was a week old and the womans were fed almost immediately. (1/5 ionic grow)+ superthrive+ z7. Could they simply have been fed too early??

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks Friends! :Namaste:
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