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Union City Police Find 6-Foot Alligator After Making Marijuana Bust

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UNION CITY - Police conducting a routine probation search in an apartment on Friday morning said they found marijuana plants - and a six-foot alligator. At 11:15 a.m., police went to Eric Windom's apartment at the West View Apartments at 2600 Decoto Road. Inside, they arrested Windom, 30, on suspicion of marijuana cultivation, possession of a firearm and possession of a controlled substance, said Sgt. Raul Galindo, a Union City police spokesman.

And then there was the American Alligator. The alligator was in an eight-foot aquarium tank, police said. The tank was filled about a third of the way with water, Galindo said, and it had a concrete platform so the alligator could walk to a dry surface.

Police called a fish and game warden, who determined that Windom did not have a permit for the alligator, Galindo said.

Police contacted the Oakland Zoo, who told the officers on scene how to handle the alligator. Union City and Fremont animal control and Union City police secured the animal and transported it to the Oakland Zoo, Galindo said.

Windom told police that the alligator was a pet that he bought a few years ago from a man in Niles.

The alligator is currently being held at the zoo, which said it was slightly undernourished, Galindo said. The zoo will take care of the alligator untilofficials determine whether they will keep the reptile or find it a new home.

Source: Mercury News
Copyright: 2008, Mercury News
Contact: Jeremy Herb, Bay Area News Group
Website: Union City police find 6-foot alligator after making marijuana bust - San Jose Mercury News
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