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Unique situation for drug test. ANY SUGGESTIONS?


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First, hello. This is my first post. Great site!!
I'll get right to it....

I have a drug test coming up. I will know about 2 hours before I have to give it. First problem, the specimine has to test positive for 1 kind of drug, but negative for MJ. I have this problem solved. So I can't take any detox drugs. Which leads me to the place I'm supposed to drop at is now using the new InfraRed temp guns. I've been able to use home contraptions in the past to beat the rather unreliable temp strips they were using on the bottle. But now,,,,,,, I'm not so sure what to do. It has to be between 92-100 degrees F.

Anyone go up against one of those guns and show it who's boss yet? Maybe someone has thought of something I haven't yet. :thanks:


Thank You!!


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I've never had a problem with the temp strips on the side of QuickFix bottles. One of the ways I've used for randoms is to buy one of those large truck stop coffee cups and stick the bottle of synthetic urine in the cup. Then when the call comes you just say you're going to drink some hot coffee, nuke the cup for 10 seconds and then when no one is looking transfer it to your crotch.
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