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Uniqueflake's 1st Grow - DWC - 400W - Cabinet Grow Journal


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High everyone,

I'm new here, only been lurking around for a while, feeling I wanna contribute some myself!

A little presentation on my creation goes here;

Small cabinet: about 50x50 cm (1.5 x 1.5 foot) 210 cm height (7 foot)
Lights: 1 x 400W HPS light
Ventilation: 125mm (5") 480 m3/h Vortex/centrifugal extraction fan, sound-insulated ducting, 30 cm (1 feet) 400 m3/h carbon filter, 3 passive intakes

Grow setup: DWC bubble bucket, about 50 liters (15 gallons?) reservoir, one dual airpump 2 long airstones. Got bubbles about 2-3 inch from the res. water. 100% perlite as medium, top-watering until the roots (hopefully) drop soon.
Also have one clone/germination chamber in the bottom of the cabinet.

Just finished regulating the temperature (after upgrading the extraction system that I'm now pretty damn happy about!! Real quiet and effective!) and I finally have perfect temperatures even rather close to the bulb. Plant temp is now at 23-25 C (77F) and they're not cooking!! The fan doesn't have to work a lot, which is good because it will be 10-20 degrees warmer in 2-3 months. I can also shrink or remove the clone-chamber in the bottom if it starts getting too hot.

The DWC has been going about 2 days now, and the test-plants (herbs and stuff) need company... Gonna do some more transplanting, hopefully the tired plants will like it in there. Waiting for the donno-what plants to drop their roots to the water in the DWC now haha.... They don't seem to be in too much shock from their transplant, though!

Will be trying to update a bit with some more photos...

Have some left-over old seeds/seedlings I'm trying this on at first, together with the herbs. Will get better seeds soon, haven't chosen strain yet...

Laters! :peace:

The last picture shows the growth after 24h of growth for that basil... :Hookah:
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Re: 1st Grow - uniqueflake's DWC aero/hydro bubblebucket 400W cabinet Grow Journal

Oh, I'm going to make the reservoir lightproof some day, but right now res. temp is about 20C so now problem with algea or similar now... Not on the perlite either, keeps the moist well actually, even though I top-water a bit now...
PH is about 6 in the tank, no nutes yet since now tap roots grew yet. About 4-600 ppm, tap water here sucks, but mixed a bit with water and of course PH-regulated, I think it'll be fine!


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Hey folks,

Need some help from you guys with experience!

My test plants here aren't looking too good, yeah they're growing but getting too much ugly yellowish and pale leafs.
I've come to realize that my pH lowering stuff is for swimming pools, not for hydro = nute lockout = big problem... :11:

Where I'm located there are no hydro-shops, not even online. Not feeling to great about using vinegar in my DWC reservoir, but found this Hanna buffer solutions. It's used for calibrating the pH-meter, there's one with pH 4 and one pH 7.

To my question: Can I use this pH calibration solutions in my DWC reservoir, or will it kill the plants as well? Can't seem to find the ingredients, don't know if it's phosphor or whatever in this stuff...

I found the ingredients. For the 4.01 solution: Potassium Hydrogen Phthalate
For the 7.01 solution: Potassium Dihydrogen Phosphate and Disodium Hydrogen Phosphate

Is this stuff safe, or will it be a bad idea to use in the reservoir?

Here's a link to the Hanna website and the products:
HI 7004/1L, 4.01 pH Buffer Solution
Hanna Instruments HI 70007P - 7.01 pH Buffer Solution 25 sachets

Hope I'm not breaking any rules with these links now, can't exactly remember all forum rules... :tokin:
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