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Unknown problem


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I have 3 plants growing in an nft hydro kit under a 250w hps light. I have noticed weird variations in all of them that I have not seen before. I keep ph at a constant 6 and have recently just flushed them with ph altered springwater. 1 plant is showing deformed/ twisted new growth however the colour looks healthy. One other plant looks perfect and healthy and the final one is small, smaller but denser and stubbier leaves. I will put some pics up later. I have never had so much variation from plants especially as they are under the same conditions. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks


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this is the weird growth!!!

this one looks fine

small and bushy?

again the deformed growth plant

any guesses?


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I'm feeding them a 2 part hydro formula called Eco grow. I feed them 10ml of each per 4 litres of water. I don't know the temp or humidity values. Does it look like heat stress? I just can't understand why 1 looks healthy when they are all same strain under the same conditions.
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