Unknown purple grow - genetics or deficiency?


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unknown strain thats turning purple, thot id share with yall.

as you can see the purple patching on the leaves, im not concerned about but more interested in. so genetics or?

Dr. 215

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wow beautiful plant!


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my opinion it is the genetics because the plant looks to healthy to have a deficency that would change the color that hard. Is this just bagseeds or a strain you could find something out about.


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i need more seeds that end up doing this, could the same seeds yield no purple at all if used again?

Well, its possible you had a rare pheno type from whatever bag-seed plant you were growing... or it could have been a matter of environmental factors - ie colder nights - like dropping by 20 degrees.

Hitting a rare pheno type is like hitting the lottery.... you end up with basically an elite clone only strain, and/or something to be bred with.... you could grow 100's or more of the same batch of bag seeds and never see that exact pheno again.

What I like to do when growing from seeds... is to label each plant, take cuttings... and keep a rooted cutting incase you hit something special. Obviously space requirements are of a concern and this is more for personal grows than commercial grows and is alot easier if you have a dozen plants or soo.... but keep the harvest separate and labeled... that special plant might be in the high, smell and/or taste... not necessarily just the way it looks.
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