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Unknown strain info needed


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I am a total novice at growing, but learning a lot on here, i have 2 small bushy plants from some 'dam seeds which had Skunk written on the label. Are all skunk plants Indicas? i have attached pics of them, they didn't grow very much for about 3 weeks until i repotted them and they just took off, growing 1.5 inches per day! and getting bushier...are these autoflowering seeds? if so, how long till they bloom? they are approximately 4 weeks old and sprouting new leaves like crazy....so many quetions :) thanks all...:high-five:


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Re: Unknown strain info needed...

Dout they are autoflower but if you want them to flower (bud) they need 12hours of light then 12hours dark. They look big enough to me as they may double or even triple in size by switching the light times. Good luck tho looks healthy enough to me?.. They also look indica dominant to me.
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