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Unravel my seed germination mysteries - What's wrong with my Lemmy Hazes?


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Good day to you all.
Thanks for having a peak into my world.
Share your experience and tips!

2nd Grow - Germination questions

Its 10 days since splashdown into the water -
Rockwool cube germination - steady temps around 24 to 26 degrees, ph 5.8, filtered tap water.

Luckilty, the two strains that i wanted to grow have done best but what about the others,
All of these 11 seeds had exactly the same conditions



3) HONEY CREAM - 2 SEEDS - 1 GERM and FLOURISHED, 1 Failed (15mm curly taproot at 10 days)


3) HAZE BERRY - 1 SEEDS - 1 failed (2mm and 4mm taproot at 10 days)
4) LEMON HAZE - 4 FREE SEEDS from RQS - 4 Failed - 3 to 5 mm taproots at 10 days

overall im happy because the cup winner amnesia and the bubbl kush are all i want - and i have a backup honey cream - so 5 happy healthy seedlings

So question is - ALL 4 Lemon HAZE fail! and yet all 3 AMNESIA HAZE do great. exact same conditions - Thoughts?

Anyway - without touching the taproot, i repositioned the lemon hazes near the surface - so the seed is seeing light but the taproot is below surface. Im not massively bothered about these girls - if they do appear - maybe just throw them in some coco - the bubble pots will be full already.


I thought i had planted 1 quarter inch deep and tried to get it the right way up, but i did find one of the seeds had dropped to about 1cm below the rockwool cube surface - could it be this.

Do your fastest seed germs get the best results people?


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Bad germination can mean lots of different things. I would try to more optimize the conditions of your grow space and medium first. Here's the thing, even if one seed stock does better than the next in a side-by-side, that doesn't necessarily mean that the conditions are right and the seed stock that didn't do well is shit. It could be that the conditions were not optimal and one or two of your strains are strong enough to not let the adverse conditions effect them to the point that the other seedlings did. The good thing about the latter situation is that you know you have stumbled across a strong and resilient strain- that's great! The question is what needs to be done to get those strong seedlings thriving as best they can? That's a question that's going to take some research on your part to determine what the best conditions are for cannabis plants and then tailor the environment of your grow space to fit those environmental factors.
Does that make any sense?

If you've already done this and have had success using the same exact formula, then it's probably just a case of the seed stock being of low quality. Nothing much you can do about that.

Cheers and good luck!
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