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Unseat 2 Ohio Supreme Court Justices Nov 4th


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"High HempRockers,
I don't normally advice on who to vote for, with the exception for Cincinnati City Council when they increased penalties against pot. But this is something you all should know about if you live in Ohio or know someone who does. Please make sure you forward this so the word gets out!
Last year, a case that went to the Ohio Supreme Court changed how and why cops can search you during a pull over. As a result of the ruling, all a cop has to say is, "You look suspicious, so I'm going to bring in the dog and search your vehicle!".
No more 4th Amendment here in Ohio as a result of 4 Supreme court Justices who ruled in favor of Blue Ash, Ohio police. Please read the decision here... Supreme Court of Ohio Opinion Summaries

Two of the Judges who voted in favor of Blue Ash, are running again on November 4th!

Please vote against Justice Evelyn Stratton and Justice Maureen O'Connor.

Vote instead for the challengers Peter Sikora and Joseph Russo.

Thanx & have A Hempy Day,
Lynne Wilson, Dir.
The Happy Hemptress
HempRock Productions"
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