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update: 6weeks flowering


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I'm back with a small update.
6 weeks of flowering on this girl!

For those just tuning in:
Strain: Northern Lights x Big Bud
Flowering under 400w hps light
2ft 3inches tall

Honestly, these pics don't do my girl justice.
Over the past week every day i look at her, seems like tinkerbell
has come in the grow room in the middle of the night and
put crystals just everywhere!
Wish i had a better camera.

Anyhoo, i am starting to see some orange hairs, so she may be
done quicker than i thought, but we shall see.
I am trying to guesstimate how much bud i'll get. I am hoping for
at least a ounce.

She has bulked up a bit in this pic.

In this freaky closeup you can see the hairs, but can't really see the orange ones.

I shall give pics after harvest, and a smoke report! :51:
I can't wait!
So many crystals, too bad u can't see'em. *sigh*
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Lookin' good 'Pegg.
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