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Update: Bonnie Dumanis Clings to Mayoral Race Vows to Run "Hard as Ever"

Jim Finnel

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Dumanis scrambles to explain why official 'Dumanis for Mayor' Facebook page was shut down after move raises questions of her dropping out of the Mayoral race.

SAN DIEGO - On March 31, Bonnie Dumanis shut down her official Dumanis for San Diego Mayor Campaign Facebook page, a move that raised questions about her intent on staying in the San Diego Mayoral race.

That same day San Diego Americans for Safe Access brought this occurrence to light with a story published on the local ASA website stating: "This week, the Dumanis campaign shut down the official Dumanis for Mayor Facebook campaign page and removed any mention of Bonnie Dumanis running for mayor from her personal Facebook page. Could this be the sign of Bonnie Dumanis dropping out of the mayoral race?"

On April 1, Ms. Dumanis quickly responded announcing on twitter around 10am that "I am STILL running for mayor--as hard as ever! Press reports I might be quitting because I took down one of my FB pages are wrong!"

That same day, LGBT Weekly reached out to the Dumanis Campaign to confirm the rumor, and found that in fact Bonnie Dumanis did shut down her mayoral Facebook page but was not dropping out of the race. Dumanis' camp claimed they were 'consolidating' pages.

One thing Dumanis' camp failed to realize is that Facebook does not provide its users with the ability to 'consolidate' pages. In fact Facebook gives you only two options, either delete the page permanently or 'un-publish' the page.

When Dumanis' campaign realized they were failing on Facebook while the NOT Dumanis page flourished, they decided to shut down their one month old campaign page in an attempt to save face in the media who likely would have soon reported that only 70 people had become her fans while the NOT DUMANIS page had gained over 200 fans all in less than half the time.

Clearly this was not a 'consolidation' of pages, rather an attempt to correct a failed campaign social networking strategy.

As the San Diego District Attorney, instead of inventing new terms and functionality on Facebook such as 'consolidate' when such functionality does not exist, and trying to claim that ASA was incorrect in seeing that her page was shut down, Dumanis should focus on her job of protecting the citizens of San Diego.

Dumanis' support of anti-gay candidates like Steve Cooley, her fierce fight against medical marijuana, and her failed leadership and monarchical style reign as the San Diego District Attorney has guaranteed Dumanis the biggest opposition campaign that any candidate running for San Diego Mayor has ever seen.

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