UPDATE: Hybrid Marijuana Plant Found in Mexico

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My thoughts on this: It's a bit of a red-herring, as usual. First, regarding "year-round harvests," since most of Mexico doesn't have a frost or snow season, it already has a long growth period and you can force the flowering in late spring or early summer but you need to have light shields to block the sun except for 12 hours. That would be rather conspicuous and ungainly on a large scahe. Otherwise it's just a matter of choosing a strain that matures over a certain number of days, like the Ruderalis varieties.

If you hybridize that with an indica you get a fixed age garden, but the plants are rangy, less potent and the growth cycle is longer than that used in indoor gardens, so if this is real it probably just reflects a short winter crop rather than a big yield. The main growth cycle is going to remain as a spring to fall cycle.

The pesticide resistant seeds are just a matter of seed selection being forced onto the growers; after the fields are sprayed with herbicides, any plants or seeds that survive are collected and used to produce the next generation of seeds, which are resistant. After inbreeding for this characteristic for a few
generations and under circumstances of ongoing spraying, the survivors begin to dominate the gardens. I'm impressed by the ability of cannabis to survive, but it's not really any different than when pesticides stop working on different insects or antibiotics stop working on different bacteria.

The term "genetically modified" doesn't apply; if these plants really even exist, which makes me skeptical, they've just been hybridized and selected for seeds that can survive adverse conditions.

The concern becomes, what happens with these pesticide contaminated
plants? Do they break down the toxins or do they assimilate them? Are the toxins poisonous to people or only to plants?

And, lastly, why is the government poisoning people for smoking
cannabis in the first place?

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i have a question....it is....wat day should i start to grow marijuana...im a begginner...and i would like to also know...if i should start the plant inside my house ...and then transplant it or...should i just go ahead and plant the seeds outside?
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