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UPDATE: Log Cabin Grower Sentenced To Prison

Jim Finnel

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A man who built an elaborate underground marijuana-growing operation at a log home in Santa Ysabel was sentenced to five years in federal prison yesterday.

Damien Andrews, 34, had pleaded guilty in May to manufacturing marijuana and to money laundering charges.

He was the owner of a 39-acre parcel in rural Santa Ysabel that was the site of the operation. The log home, built without permits in 2000, was outfitted with a high-tech surveillance system complete with infrared cameras that had night-vision capabilities.

The cameras stood guard over what authorities said was a sophisticated indoor growing operation. It was reached via an elevator hidden inside a closet in a garage next to the home.

The elevator went 10 feet underground to a tunnel that was 65 feet long and 4 feet wide. The tunnel led to two 20-by-20-foot rooms where authorities recovered 454 marijuana plants.

The room was equipped with an irrigation system, a generator and special lights. It also was ventilated.

Because it was so far underground, it would have been difficult, if not impossible, for authorities to notice the room even when using heat-sensing technology normally employed to spot indoor growing operations. Authorities said a tip from a confidential source led to the operation's discovery.

Before he was sentenced, Andrews told Judge Dana Sabraw that he has taken responsibility for his actions. “I really have no one to blame but myself,” Andrews said.

In addition to forfeiting the Santa Ysabel property to the government, Andrews will give up two other properties, including a $1.3 million home near the beach in Carlsbad.

Andrews, a permanent legal resident of the United States who is originally from Canada, will be deported to Canada after serving his sentence.

A second man charged in the case, Anthony Hillerby, has pleaded guilty to illegally growing marijuana and is to be sentenced on Aug. 31.

A third man, Sean Smith, 35, has a hearing set for Aug. 31.

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Ya Boy, you said it! "No one but the dogs"! That's fucked up! I hate hearing stories like this... MF's always tellin' someone else's business! Punk snitches!!! Like George Cervantes sais, DTA, "Don't Trust Anyone"


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Great idea to go "underground". This time literally. Too bad the guy got snitched out. Loose lips sink ships. This time a "captain" of a "submarine" got sunk because too many peeps knew what was going on & where it was. A lesson we can all take to heart.

GoodGenMeds got it right.

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