UPDATE: "Never Get Busted" Hiding Marijuana DVD Released


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Former Top-Level Narcotics Agent Teaches How to Travel With Pot

It's a "first ever" DVD. A former law enforcement officer - one of the top drug interdiction officers in Texas - explains secret drug enforcement techniques cops use to make marijuana arrests, and helps people hide their stash.

Barry Cooper, who offers the DVD at NeverGetBusted.com, specialized in busting people for drug possession. He began in Big Sandy, Texas, where he trained his own narcotic detector dog and made hundreds of arrests. Later, he worked for the Permian Basin Drug Task Force in Odessa, Texas, joining operations with the ATF, DEA, FBI, U.S. military and Border Patrol. He ended as head of the narcotics unit of the Gladewater, Texas police department.

Mr. Cooper's DVD met with an overwhelming response. It includes tips on how to hide marijuana in cars, avoid profiling, fool k9s, what to do if stopped, and answers the age-old question - do coffee grounds really work?

Since early word of it leaked in January, NeverGetBusted.com, has received more than 12 million hits, and has been featured in hundreds of news stories. Recently, Mr. Cooper has begun a series of appearances on college campuses. A recent appearance at the University of North Texas was covered by ABC's 20/20.

"People want to know why I'm doing this," says Mr. Cooper. "I've been accused of being a profiteer, an opportunist and a traitor. But I'm a former front-line-soldier in this war. I know our drug laws are destroying the people we should be protecting. Each year, more than 750,000 Americans are jailed for possession of marijuana, with no violence involved. They don't belong in jail!" says Cooper.

"I regret the marijuana arrests I made as a soldier in the war on drugs," says Mr. Cooper. "I'm doing everything I can to help change the laws, but I am also offering this DVD to help people stay out of the situation entirely. I will do whatever is legal to frustrate law enforcement's efforts to place good American citizens in jail." Barry has recently released a new page on his website mapping locations citizens are likely to encounter drug enforcement officers on America's highways.

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