update on my girl May 27


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Here's a little update on my plant for all who are interested.

Currently growin Northern Lights x Big Bud and am impressed
with how well she is responding to her new 400hps light, nutes, and
overall conditions.
She has shown no sign of stretching or sickness, is a foot away from the light, and has grown a inch in height making her 5inches high now since
the 23rd, but what contiunusly amazes me is she keeps growing
new leaves every day making her ever more bushy! :3:

'Scuse the crappy webcam btw.

Here is a side view of how branchy she has gotten since you
saw her last. :smokin3:


And this is a nice top view. So leafy! :smokin:


I would also like to note that her nice smell is growing by the day,
and it smells great.
I love the way cannabis smells when it is growing.

That is all for now!
Any questions, feel free to ask away in the thread or by PM.

older pics r in a previous thread.


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Yeah, i grew this one from seed, and am going to take clones from
her to get at least 2 or 3 more plants.
Definatley keeping her a mother plant i think. ;-)

I have grown before, just not under a hps...just floros.
It makes such a difference.
Should have done it long ago.
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