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Update on SB 1458 SD2

Jim Finnel

Fallen Cannabis Warrior & Ex News Moderator
Update on SB 1458 SD2, which creates medical marijuana compassion centers was heard yesterday by the House Committees on Health and Public Safety:

The committees passed the bill with major amendments, so now it becomes SB1458 SD2 HD1. The following are the unofficial amendments, from our notes, so please be aware that the final language of the draft may be different.
(Unofficial) Amendments: Establishes a pilot program on Maui for 5 years, with one dispensary Requires:
24/7 live video feed to law enforcement
24/7 unannounced access for law enforcement A copy made of"prescription" kept at dispensary and (available for law enforcement?)
Non-card holders not allowed on premises Dispensary must be 600 yards (not feet!) from nearest schools, etc
No use on premises
Edibles must meet DOH food production standards
General excise tax of 30% to go to general fund
Annual licensing fee (which is still not determined) for the dispensary will go to Maui County.

Votes: Reps. Belatti, Takumi, Pine: with reservations (still counts as yes) Reps. Ching, Lee, Fontaine, Johanson: no

I'll keep you updated as I get more information.

Jeanne Ohta
Executive Director
Drug Policy Forum of Hawaii

Jim Finnel

Fallen Cannabis Warrior & Ex News Moderator
Aloha All,

Thanks to all of you who submitted testimony on SB 1458 SD2 HD1. Here's an update. The House Committee on Judiciary passed out the bill with amendments, so it is now SB 1458 SD2 HD2. Here are the amendments that were made:

(1) Replacing DOH with PSD as the supervising agency for the pilot project;
(2) Changing the pilot project's location to an unspecified site;
(3) Defining "compassion center" and "compassion care center" to be interchangeable;
(4) Changing the definition of "department" to mean PSD;
(5) Clarifying references to qualified patients to establish that "primary caregiver" and "qualifying patient" are defined under section 329-121, Hawaii Revised Statutes;
(6) Requiring PSD to assess and collect an unspecified fee;
(7) Authorizing PSD to convene a task force to study and advise in the drafting of PSD's administrative rules for the pilot program.
Note that this last item is not mandatory, the bill says that PSD "may" convene. Which generally means that they wouldn't...my opinion.

Don't be alarmed at the changes or that things we object to weren't taken out of the bill.

The next hurdle is to get the Finance Committee to hear the bill and then pass it; so that the bill can to to conference committee where the House and the Senate can work out differences in their versions. We are working to get the Finance committee to hear the bill.

For the first time, there was a lot of opposition to the bill, mainly with one line saying that dispensaries "will have negative consequences for the people of Hawaii." We believe it was a result of an email campaign, we're not sure who is behind it.

On the other hand, patients and advocates sent in really terrific and credible testimony based on their experiences. This is really the type of testimony that we hope we will continue to get to push this issue forward.Thank you all!

The votes:
Ayes: (11): Keith-Agaran, Rhoads, Brower, Cabanilla, Herkes, Ito, Luke, McKelvey, B. Oshiro, Tsuji, Thielen;
Noes (2): Representative(s) Fontaine, Marumoto;
2 Excused: Representative(s) Carroll, Souki.

Until my next update,

A Hui Hou
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