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Updated def and dis.


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The only thing I've changed in the grow is I used worm casting on some this time. none on the last set. the last set had the same problem. I also tried some with cow shit, some with chicken shit, some with a little cocoo mixed in and some with just sun pro mix. (the same soil I've been using for 4 years.{new soil of course}) I've tried adding different mixes trying to get the best results. I stopped feeding once they started showing signs of problems. Used only 1/2 bal-mag twice. the hydro store recommended that. since then been using only ph balance water. The curled leaves were present before i flushed and i only watered every 2-3 days. depending on how light the pot felt and how dry the soil felt. they are not dying as quick as the last set. actually none have died so far. but they've all stopped growing and just look not heathly with some of the leaves spotted, curled, wilted etc. not all this round
theses ones seem to be hanging on longer then the last ones did. the last set died within a week or two. only difference there is they were in my smaller room (starter room) with a 400 watt light where these onesare in my bigger room (actual grow and flower room) with 2 1000 watt Hortalux Blue lights. Both bulbs new

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Got any pic's your discription is not very clear ?

Also what stage of growth - how many weeks of veg or flowering etc

Do you know your soil PH etc ?


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got pics and more info in original post titled Re: "A Deficiency or Disease? Got pics, could really use some input". ph of soil is 6.5
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