Uploading Photos: A Video Guide

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Now this right here is what "I'm talking bout" I guess the other Grow chat that I previously entered via Crop King was Different??? I'm Stoned OF COURSE! LMAO. However I don't know how to Grow Weed that Potent YET! This Grow Chat Forum is Much more Active,Friendly,& My Word Waaaay faster response & assistant too. That Or Someone slipped me a Mickey Eh? LOL... Anyhooow, I am Sincerely Grateful for said help & the video, That's the goods. Just what the Old Stoner needs to Get Er Dun Eh.So Be it. I'm very excited about this forum & the Grow Info Therein.Thanx Again a 2nd time Newbie...:goodjob::thanks:
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Dwight Monk

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Is there possibly an audio version? If not I'm not able to follow since having a stroke recently☹️
This walks you thru it step by step, it is confusing for many at first and then once you do it a couple times you kinda do it w/o thinking:

Photo Gallery Guide - How to Resize, Upload & Post Photos

You basically are uploading the pics to their server here, don't have to have them stored online anywhere as you are just uploading from your computer (well or phone I guess but I think a phone a different process, I'll be the last to own one on Earth I think ;)).

Teddy Edwards

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I don't see User CP on the top menu anymore. I have read how to upload pictures before but since the top labels have changed, I'm stuck.