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I am new in this Forum and greet every one wholeheartedly. I notice that a friend wrote "Salut les amies". I was born in France, but traveled around most of the world, resulting in speaking French, Spanish and Portuguese. I am now in San Diego where I was just approved to use medical Cannibis, being bipolar and enjoying meditation.

Since I am a "new comer", I would appreciate much your help in recommending either wood or glass pipes, as well as the strains adequate for relaxing, meditating and reaching higher levels of consciousness. A friend indicated "indicus - afga - and something I understood like "Cokush..."

I am still an active 75 years old man always with the passion of self realization.

Thank you for your help. uranda


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Welcome to 420 Magazine, Uranda!

I think you will find the answers to your questions here. I would suggest you browse through our Forums page. If you don't find what you are looking for, just ask. The members here are very friendly and knowledgeable.

It sounds like your friend may have been referring to the Afghani Kush strain. I have used it to help meditate and find it works very well for that purpose.

:51: Peace

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Welcome Uranda! We are glad you are here! Welcome to you too, Janky. You aren't weird, you are just uniquely inhanced. ;)

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I love eccentric folk. I count myself one of the eclectic eccentrics lol

hey there...i'm from north county and i'm always on the lookout for new people who are down. i love smoking and currently hating the fact that i have nothing and i'm broke. anyway i am bipolar too and i totally understand that smoking helps a lot more than youd think but i havent seen a doc yet to try and get a card. just my opinon...glass is better than wood or metal. especially bongs..i miss my 3 footer..havent been used lately. ok well have fun and heres to a wonderful weekend!-francesca
i'm 31 and white female who is tattooed with tongue pierced twice and lip. i'm weird!:3:

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We aren't weird, its the other people. They are everywhere!
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