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Testing Out the New Penatrator 126 Watt from Hydro-Grow-LED.com

They are the first LED unit provider with real Nm stats, with the exact spectrums. To grow in a cabinet you must use LED's and IMO this is the way to go...

I had tested a light from HTGSupply 120W unit. it did work better than most of the stories I hear of porrly performing UFO units 90W..


Hey MeanBean, how is that LED system for flowering? I see small articles about LEDs in HT but no real results as far as thumbs up on them. I want stealth and a good yield, was thinking BC NL Box but that is not really stealth. Read your thread and the DIY thing is starting to look more plausible for me, a LED setup would be perfect if they can produce. The heat reduction in say a large Armoire would be way cool, compared to a 250 or 400w MH or CS.
With the setup in my thread you can pull up to about 1/2 a pound per grow every 2 months.

Yes LED WORKS!. I bought the light on the right from htg supply, it was 500 bucks!

It's does ok but the only thing was the buds werent as dense, still potenet thought!


the 126 Watt penatrator from hydro-grow-led.com is my fav. Still don't have a number on it but you can see a grow going on in my signature using one. it's was less than the one i got from htg, 450.00!

2 things I can tell you thus far about the lights. I think the 126Watter is way better. makes my 120w look like a toy.

#1 when i swiched to 12/12 the plants did not strech nearly as much "a good thing"

#2. the head colas are soo packed with pistals its mostly white..

In a stealth grow you neeeeeeeeed led for a big yeild. cfl's don't work that great becasue there not very strong and they also produce much heat. HPS or HID is out off the question in a small area! even if you could keep the temps below a 100 the sound of all the fans would be really looud.
Excellent info and good looking LED grow going on, I think I might be sold on a LED cab type thing. IEven if I make mistakes with it, I will still come up paying less than I would for the BCNL or Supercloset box. Finally quantative results with LED, now why can't HT or Skunk Mag do that? Thanks for the tips!
Timing Is Everything.
In the past the there has been pros and cons of growing at night.

Pro: lower outside temperature, easier too cool.
Con: easier for the infer red sensors to pickup.

Now growing with LED we need not to worry about either.

So I tried to think up of the best light schedule that need not apply to the old standards, but to my "stealthy" standards.

Keeping quiet is important for a stealthy grow, having your system off while visitors are around is a good way to achieve that.

Here's what I came up with. IMO most landlords, gas men, Verizon guys, electric Co's, po-po, friends, mail lady, UPS guys, and more come to your house from 10 am to about 6 pm.

Now, as a stealth grower your best means of productivity is to have a flower and veg area separate. You will need at least 16Hrs for a Veg area and 12Hrs for a flower area. Heat is not really an issue but venting for fresh air is needed at least every 30 min IMO. So even the noise of a vent is a bit of a pain in a quiet house.


Start both areas at 5:30PM
Then don't' start your first 15 min burst of venting until 6:00PM
Now end your flowering area at 5:30AM and Veg area at 9:30AM
Shut off all venting at 9:00AM the heat that builds unti 9:30AM will cool when the lights go out + plant breath less at night. "thier night"

Now if you need to go for 24 hours or something it should only be for a few weeks if that, per grow. Also if you vent less or your room is colder you can hold off the fans even longer in the initial startup of both light cycles and maybe even the ending of the veg.

If you feel you can hold back your first venting, adjust the hole timing setup to that for an earlier shutoff.
For example: If you can have your light on for an hour before you must vent then you can start it all at 5:00PM and still turn you first venting on at 6:00PM. But now you can end the Veg cycle at 9:00AM so you last venting would be at 8:30AM, thats an even bigger silent window. Still with me?
ok less at night. however MJ has been grown to "no air to little at night" standards for a while now in the past. Do you agree to that?

In that respect I don't think much fresh air will be needed in the 8 Hr window of lights out. Until I see big results from applying more co2 at night I won't be applying this new method to my stealth techniques. I'm pulling for the new technology - I just need to be shown, not told or sold. Do you have a comparison journal somewhere on here?

If however I find this does help enough where I need to apply it, I prolly gotta post/configure the stealth co2 daytime method first.
PIMP This Urban Grow

I'd like to be able to help people on this forum who are starting/remodling a new Cabinet, Closet, Or Hidden space grow.

I'm downloading and installing Google Sketch now. If I can get my brain and this to cooperate I will Definaitly throw some Cabinet Ideas up in here.

Most likey will built one of them here!

Just keep in mind, don't plan on getting much advise on these if you plan on using any lighting other than LED. You can buy any brand you like, but you can always ask me where I would get them if you don't have them already. I have tested 3 brands of LED units myself as well as confirmed the poor quality of others. I got my Fav's Looking forward to testing more. :winkyface::winkyface:




Fun Little Program. I Can use this!

Anyone else use Google Sketch?
But you really should, when flowering starts, keep those ventilation fans running 24/7 to avoid mold issues. This is doubly important for you if you're gonna cram a half pound in your 'Cab-of-the-Future'!

If I notice humidity is rising I will defiantly consider this. Most cabinets are the same temp as the air outside of it especially during lights out, also heat can still travel threw the vents at the top and bottom.

If you got bad humidity in there ok but I think your overlooking another hidden Plus of LED. Since the heat stress is so low there’s not much perspiration, not like they did when I had cfls by far coulden't even think of what a HPS or HID would do. That being said: the cabs are dry man so mold really can’t live in there.

I mean after a plant is in led for 6-7 weeks the leaves still look exactly perfect as the day they were born. until nute stress hits them at end of flower.

p.s. I figured out how to use google sketch in about 15 mins.
Hey MB,

I am looking to either build or buy a cab or armoire type box for my 1st grow. I'll be working with one 126W LED unit for now but if the light works out I'd really like to add 1 or 2 more so I can keep a perpetual garden going with a couple different mothers and a sea of girls. Could you give me a WAG as far as what dimensions I would need to eventually accomodate such a garden? As a consumer, I never really gave much thought to what goes into GYO, now I want to learn as much as possible.


I'll be working with one 126W LED unit for now but if the light works out I'd really like to add 1 or 2 more so I can keep a perpetual garden going with a couple different mothers and a sea of girls. Could you give me a WAG as far as what dimensions I would need to eventually accomodate such a garden?

well vapo gonna have to be more specific than a sea of girls.

IMO you shouldnt need more than 2 126 watters and maybe 2 63 watters.

The 2 126 watters for blooming 4 nice ass plants.

then the 2 63 watters for a divided veg room.

One side for slower plants like mothers on 16 hrs.
and the other for clones and plants vegging in prep for flower in a 24 hr side.

you could be growing up to a pound every 2 months. that outta get your sweet tooth.


VEG: Something like 2ft - 3ft Wide : 1.5 ft Deep : 2ft - 2.5ft High
Flower: Something like 2.5ft Wide : 2.5ft Deep : 3ft High
Meter Reader. Please Help

Its good to stay within reason on your electric if growing, gotta read that meter. My neighbors lol "don't ask how I know" is a digital one, but mines plain old. I gues each little spinney clock represents an number in the 5 number spaces in 99,999 kilowat hrs it can record.

If you checking a neighbors average kilowatt hrs, make sure its one you know is not growing as well lol!

So whats that lower spinney one?
how many times does it got to spin to make 1 killowatt hour???
That sucker gets going some times lol!


The Meter:

Everybody sweats the meter, the lower spinney thing that really gets cranking is the immediate useage. Also when you read it is the number before the arm that is read, meaning if arm is on 5 it is read as 4 starting left to right.
The Electric Company knows since they brought service to every building how many amps each "service" calls for.
Meaning they know if you have a 45amp screw in fuse service or if you have 3-200amp Square-D circuit breaker panels inside.
They also know how many amps that line should be pulling to service that street (a setup in a "Cave house" got busted for tapping in) instead of asking for an additional transformer. You see when the Elec Co sees a pull on the line daily and for how long they will come out look around and setup a meter to insure "safe transportation of product"
If you can legally offset the surge before it is read and maintain similar pattern all is fine.
There are many ways to acheive this solar panels are key.
Another safety concern is there was a guy in RI who while away in Ca. the Prov. Fire Dept was called to a smoking home they gained entry knocked down the smoke and found the fire at a grow station in the basement, they called narcotics police who responded only to find out later when the man returned that he was a RI MMJ caregiver and in compliance. This could be avoided many times over with a GFCI costing $10.00 this will shut down any power to any appliance in 1/45 of a second stopping all problems immediately.
Please rewire and use GFCI's everywhere the life you save will be your own. If You do not know what a GFCI is it is the plug in your bathroom that switches off if you drop a hairdryer in the bath tub.
It is law in many places to have a GFCI receptacle within 6ft of a sink, toilet, shower, water service.
Just think HID lights kickin and you are standing in a small puddle with no GFCI, but you will leave your meds growing dangerously cuz you dont spend 18hrs a day there. Be Safe not Stupid.
any questions about this or anything ask.
i HAVE A QUESTION what does your cloner look like all together with the top on and net pot in


I am new but old and have never seen something like that I remeber when clonex was first released and remeber Olivia's before that, need some help understanding the new gadgets.
How long does it take until clones are fully rooted with that and is it the best way?

Wingman580, IMO yes this is the best way.

I have read in threads all over how people just dip them in some clonex and put in a rockwool cube or similar. Bam they got a clone in about 2 weeks.

I could never get that. I would always dry the stem out or drownd it. You could tell the stem was drying cause when I pulled the clone from the rockwool, the top of the plant where I had been spraying to keep moist was thick and green. the stuff in the cube was rotted or real skinny and dry.

If you build my DIY ez cloner, what your basicly doing is splashing water around in there just so that the stem is always getting splashed on. thats what the nozzle is for. I used to think it had somthing to do with the misting by the nozzle. naaa more like a water fountain for the plants stem.

You could use clonex gel to help but I have used it with just water in the past. Olivors will work but again I doubth you will need it if you have an aeroponics style cloner like this one.

Also you may mist the clones leaves a few times for the first few days but I am starting to think they don't even need that or the humitiy dome.

Should take about 2 weeks. I have had 100% success rate since I made it. "about 10 clones"
You could tell the stem was drying cause when I pulled the clone from the rockwool, the top of the plant where I had been spraying to keep moist was thick and green. the stuff in the cube was rotted or real skinny and dry.

MeanBean, I hear you! Nice work! :peace:
Dude thats solid info!

I remeber busting ass to make clones and having the same funky no root stem.
I read this ad today for a 140 site EZ Cloner that guarantees full roots in 5 days for the low low price of $469.99 it used the same vapor or aerator (water splashing) under the plants.
Your idea is SOLID and $$ friendly.


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