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Urgent advice please help


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hi everyone
since finding this site i have emabarked on my 1st grow
tonight i have had a major disaster and really need some help from you guys.

while moving a hood i dropped it and it went crashing down on my 7 week old ak48, it almost snapped the top 6 inches off , so i have used 2 drinking straws and some masking tape to support it. it did not chop it off but folded it over and its leaking sap.

my questions are

1) have i killed it and do i have any chance of this working?
2 )has anyone else done such a noob thing , and has anyone been able to save a similar damaged plant.

please send me any suggestions as im totally devastated by this catastrophe and will probably be heading to the divorce lawyer as its my wifes baby, and she is totally miffed! HELP!
i bow to the knowledge you can impart


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#1. I am not an expert, more of a bungling green horn, with a couple of grows...How many plants do you have going? You'll prob be fine...you may have done by mistake what you'll read on this site: topping, pruning...

Name a #uck up and I've done it, including braking off limbs and branches....and Id bet so have most of the folks here...


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Man that sucks bigtime...If you got to her quick enough and she has no wounds open to the air that might get infected, I would use something more solid that a straw, maybe lollipop sticks or wooden skewers....but should be ok...time will tell, all you can do is wait and see and hope...smoking might help, lotsa smoking:lot-o-toke:goodluck


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You should be fine, its going to shock the plant but it should survive. Some people even snap the stem on purpose to make the plant grow stronger. As long as you didn't sever the stem it should recover. Keep the straws there to support it and within a week you will see it grows a woody bulb to repair the stem. I wouldn't worry about it too much the only thing is its gonna take a little time to repair so its not going to be growing alot at this time.


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thanks for the info and encouraging words, iv'e only got 2 on the go at the moment as its my 1st attempt. up until my accident this eve things had been going well( i think)
am using biobizz soil in 20ltr pots only feeding them biobizz bio grow and feeding them spring water under a 125w cfl. i wanted to keep things simple and as cheap as possible for this first grow attempt, as well as the ak im going with a blue cheese.
until i found this site i knew nothing about the processes of growing , and the amount of info on here is so overwhelming it makes my head spin. ( dont need to smoke anything) lol!
im also using some far infra red heaters to keep it warm in the room, wasnt sure if that would work but it seems to have had no bad effects on them. any thoughts on this?



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hi all
thanks for the help you provided, good news is the plant has survived and fixed itself. its looking healthy again.
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