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Urgent - Need advice! - Landlord busted roomie and I


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Sorry if this is wrong forum to post in or if this topic has been covered in a recent post but I kind of don't have time to spend a whole lot of time searching for hit and miss answers. I'm from Nebraska and our landlord entered our place and saw our pipe and cannabis on the table. Note the landlord had notified us well ahead of the 24 hour period. My roommate just so happened to forget to put the stuff away in the morning.

My questions are.....

1. Does my landlord (corporate apartment complex keep in mind, not a landlord of a house or two) have the right to contact my employer? My friends say no they don't have the right and they probably won't because it would jeopardize the complex as well since they would hurt my income which in turn would make it difficult for me to pay rent if I were fired.

2. I'm in a bind here because no cops have been in our apartment but I can not stash our cannabis and pipes in my car since my employer has a contractual right to search our vehicles under suspicion and if I were to get pulled over well the cop would probably smell the odor. So 1. should I leave everything as is, take better precautions of smoking in my apartment 2. stash it in my roommates car or 3. stash it in the garage which is also landlord's property?

3. "I strongly encourage you to dispose of the illegal substance and ask that you abide by the rules set forth within the lease agreement until which time you have vacated." this statement was made by our landlord... would it be safe to say I have not been evicted yet?

Please comment and share opinions!


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Work should give a verbal warning b4 you get canned I would think... sounds like a warning... to tighten your shit up & keep it outta sight & outta anyone else's mind-- oh, & another thing... DENY! DENY! DENY!
you could catch me red handed packing a bowl & sparking it up, & I'd tell you straight-- "Don't know what your talking about... what you think you saw, or think you know-- it's a VASE, not a bong... a movie prop, we're about to make an adult movie, you mind leaving now?"


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LMAO ur roommates a stoner ..who could believe

The guy could do anything he wants to do....
r u on his good side?
maybe you were close because he is not evicting you yet.
Hes telling you he will be watching your place.
I would say since he did everything legal... that he will do it again sometime and maybe once in awhile
He will want to make sure you guys have not trashed the place
I would say though if he catches you again most likely he will call the cops
and then nothing else matters because ur heading to court.
Just be wise....stay away from the major parties at the house or major traffic in and out. That will be one thing hes looking for
Then he will call the cops

Hope this helps...its just my opinion that's all.

Good Luck


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I would play it safe for a while and "let the smoke clear". Make sure that your masking the smell with incents, candles, air fresheners if you decide to blaze and make it a habit to put away your pipes and smoking accessories as soon as your done with them. You could pick up one of those fake "aresol cans" that unscrew to hide your stuff but as long as it is not in open view then you should be alright. Also, be a good tenant and give the appearance that you are an "average joe" and that you pose no threat to the other tennants, property or landlord and this should help you not get evicted. Make sure bills are paid on time, that your place is clean and that you abide by all other "terms" in your lease agreement. As long as you are good in all other areas, they may look past it since your not disturbing other neighbors...

as far as them contacting your job, I don't believe that they can do that, and don't see how it would benefit them to do so...

I wouldn't drive around with your stash and would keep it in your apartment. I don't believe that a landlord has the right to search your place or go through your drawers so you should be ok, just make sure your place is clean and that your masking the odors.


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LivenBurn hit it right on, Deny Deny Deny... has always been my way. His word against yours unless he vid/pic'ed paraphernalia. Basically that was my potpourri and dispenser, or whatever you think of. :peace:
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