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Urgent! Please help with my plant. Pictures to show


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So about 4 or 5 days ago i relaized some spots on her leaves i got a bit worried but didnt know how to help it so i decided to just check if the condition gets worse with time. The day after i realize white lines on her leaves with black in it. After a while the leaves turned compleaty yellow and a little brown and fell off :11: . I went and brought MiracleGro plant food but i dont know what diffencency she has. i havent found any pictures of plants going through the same thing ! please help ! also can it be a fungus ? i recently added some PH to her soil but i dont really know what im doing or if im causing more damage. its a very vigoris infection it spreads and kills her leaves fast. Please any suggestions feel free to give it a go thanks !!

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:: UPDATE ::

I see yellow Dots on her New leaves !! help

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Re: Urgent !! Please help with my plant. Pictures to show

sorry no pics


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Re: Urgent !! Please help with my plant. Pictures to show

ph product, what is it? how did you determine how much to use?
soil type, how wet is it? how often do you water? how much soil is being used?
plant, strain, age? how was the growth over past 2 weeks?
have you added anything else?
whats your water like?
what light are you using?
these questions are just to get a feel for the circumstances and the best way to help you.
mant different growing habbits require different methods to achieve the best results!
dont panic, its easy. well its a science and mother nature all working together. this is the key to growing!!!!

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The yellow dots are a sign of your PH being incorrect. As for the other shit, I have know idea. I haven't dealt with to many insects/pest, other than the annoying fungus gnat. Good luck with the MG soil.


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how do i get rid of them !

sometimes you can see the little bastard inside the leaf, just follow the trail they leave behind them, in this case you culd just squish them or cut off the damaged part of the leaf but cut the entire trail off to make sure they are gone, or you could just cutt off the whole leaf, but if it gets into the plant itself then there is not much you can do. they usually just attack leaves though. After removing all damaged leaves and tips, SPRAY WITH NEEM OIL!!


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do you have a magnifing scope, jewelers loop, 30 to 60x is needed. neem oil and biodegradable dish soap!!!!
it does look like insect damage just by the tracks i see. look in the soil for insects also.
do you have constant air circulation?
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