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Okay so I first want to say I know I've made quite a few mistakes, but man this seems to be a lot of bad luck. This is my first grow, and my only plant at the moment. I'm growing indoors in fox farm soil, about 5 weeks into flowering I believe(although I haven't been keeping track as well as I should). So basically I know for a fact that I have some aphids, I'm quite confident in that. I also have a bit of mold, that I noticed just now and appears to only be on one leaf. I'm also thinking, but not 100% sure, that I have root rot due to the fact that my soil will still be a bit moist about a knuckle deep after a week of no water. I know this is a lot at once, and I've learned a lot. So basically what I'm getting at, is should I start trying to treat the root rot, aphids, trimming away any mold I see, etc. during the flowering process and risking ruining the taste of the buds with neem oil and other chemicals, should I maybe go to a 10/12 light cycle to finish flowering as fast as I can, or just harvest now and see if I can get anything smokeable /:? Here's some pictures of her right now:
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