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Major medical marijuana advocates need immediate assistance in important
court cases in California and the US Supreme Court.

Jeff Jones, founder and director of the Oakland Cannabis Buyers' Cooperative
(OCBC), is facing a Supreme Court case that will be heard before next
summer. At issue is whether the "medical necessity doctrine" justifies
OCBC's distribution of medical marijuana.

"This is a chance for us to have the nation's highest court rule that
compassion and law allows us to distribute medicine to sick and dying
people," said Jones. "We are fighting the US government, which uses its
endless supply of taxpayer's money to war against us. OCBC's lawyers are
valiant and underfunded. We need everybody who cares about marijuana to send
donations to our legal fund."

The Kubby Family (photo)

In an Auburn, California courtroom, Libertarian politician and cancer
patient Steve Kubby and his wife Michele are fighting for their lives as
Placer County Prosecutor Chris Cattran attempts to convince a jury that
their medical marijuana garden was a sinister, commercial grow operation.

Cattran's tactics have outraged jurors, Kubby supporters, and Kubby lawyer
David Nick, who was fined $200 by the trial judge after he harshly
criticized Cattran's surprise announcement that vicious DEA nark Mick
Mollica would be called to rebut Kubby's expert witnesses.

"This trial should have gone to the jury this week," Kubby said in a
December 7 interview. "Instead, the prosecution wants to hold the jury
hostage by retrying the entire case because they presented such a worthless
case when they had their chance. My wife has been driven from the courtroom
in tears due to Cattran's tactics. By bringing in Mollica, who has been
totally discredited and should have been under indictment for perjury,
Cattran has shown that he is waging a war against medical marijuana

Kubby asked that marijuana advocates travel to the Auburn, California
courtroom next Tuesday - Thursday, December 12-14th, where he and Michele
are on trial.

"Let's show Mollica, Cattran, the judge and jury that good citizens of all
races and orientations are united against the police state and in favor of
this healing herb which was legalized for medical use by California's voters
four years ago," Kubby said.

The February, 2001 issue of Cannabis Culture magazine will contain extensive
information about the Kubby and OCBC trials.

OCBC/JEFF JONES CONTACT INFORMATION: phone- 510-832-5346, website
www.rxcbc.org, email jeffj@rxcbc.org.

STEVE KUBBY CONTACT INFORMATION. website www.kubby.org, email

DIRECTION TO KUBBY COURTROOM: Coming from Sacramento and the Bay Area, take
Interstate 80 through Auburn and exit at the Bell Road exit. Turn left on
Bell Road and go about 2 miles down Bell Road. At about the 2-mile point you
will approach the intersections of Highway 49 and Bell Road. Continue going
straight through that intersection for about 2 more blocks until you find
First Avenue, then turn left onto First Avenue. Go down First Avenue to B
Avenue and take a right. The Courts are located about in the middle of B
Avenue on your left-hand side. Parking is available on the right hand side
of that street, directly across from the Courts. Detailed map of
DeWittCenter at: www.placer.ca.gov/maps/dewitt1.htm

by Pete Brady <pete_brady@hotmail.com>

Pubdate: Dec 12, 2000
Source: Cannabis Culture Online
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